Video: Trey Songz – ‘What’s Best for You’

Trey Songz

Trey Songz doubles his pleasure in the video for “What’s Best for You,” the latest single off his chart-topping album Trigga. In the cinematic clip, which debuted on Twitter, the R&B heartthrob juggles two relationships at the same damn time. He charms both ladies, but in the end, he’s left in an empty bed.

“I want what’s best for you, but I don’t want you to leave / It’s not about what I want, but it’s all about what you need,” sings Trey.

Just last week, he and Chris Brown announced a co-headlining tour for this fall.

See Trigga go from hero to zero real quick.

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  1. Avon

    i noticed the girl with the haircut is Kiersey Clemons from Disney Channel’s “Austin & Ally” and i was wondering why is Trey using a teenager as his video models cause she was used in “SmartPhones” video also, but i looked her up and seen she is 20 Years old so i guess it’s ok, but anyway. Love this song Trey, love the album. Keep up the great work.


  2. Bri

    I’d eat his a$$


    OhWORD? Reply:

    @Bri, Carry your “tossing the salad” ass to the nearest bathroom and brush you teeth and tongue, gargle, and floss plz! Clearly you don’t get tired! #NastyAss


  3. CrackHo

    This is actually a very nice track


  4. digging trey

    I would’nt eat his little azz but i would slap it and hold it.


  5. Payson

    It a nice song


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