Chris Brown and Trey Songz Tease Joint Tour

Chris Brown and Trey Songz

Beyoncé and Jay Z. Eminem and Rihanna. Drake and Lil Wayne. And now Chris Brown and Trey Songz are teaming up for a joint tour. The R&B powerhouses will hit the road together this fall.

Chris broke the news on Twitter, writing, “THIS FALL is gonna be legendary! Get ready for me and @TreySongz Tour!!!!!!”

To build up excitement, both singers posted Instagram videos of themselves pondering the idea.

Breezy promised “real R&B, real singing, real performances,” and a “ton of ladies.”

“We could do like old songs, new songs. Oh, we got that one song that we did together than no one’s heard,” said Trigga before singing Breezy’s “Yo (Excuse Me Miss).”

They have called on their fans to help them pick a name for the tour.

The two friends go way back and Trey has been vocal about his support for Chris through his battles. They most recently shared the stage with August Alsina at the BET Awards in June.

Trey’s album Trigga debuted at No. 1 in July, while Chris is readying X for a September 16 release.

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  1. KEN.

    Ugh he’s blonde again >.<



    chris brown is so fat loooool


  3. moonstar

    This would be the tour to see and breezy sounding better and better live each day


    Justin Timberlake Reply:

    @moonstar, Trey Songz sounds way better than him


    Sup Reply:

    @Justin Timberlake, no the fuck he doesnt lmao you clearly havent seen Chris Brown’s cover of How Does It Feel and although he was saying a bunch of bs in his parody of Stay With Me he sounded awesome.

    And not to forget him doing an acapella of Hold You Down. Trey couldnt. Just couldnt.


    tia Reply:

    @Sup, umm did you not hear Chris voice in the song we don’t stop trey songz could do that. Trigga can sang there voices can’t be compared because they have different sound and style


    Major Sushi Reply:

    @Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown has a better tone & voice than Trey. I’m fans of both, but let’s be honest.


  4. Whitney

    And they won’t get a cent of my money.


  5. #RihannaNAVi

    Chris is gonna get back to his slim self after the tour


  6. Major Sushi

    Pride is coming to town? Fabulous!


  7. Cute

    They so corny idk but they just is lol


  8. oldschool

    I cannot wait Keep your head
    Up Chris I am still Praying for you


  9. Paige

    Yassss bishhhh!! I’ll be in attendance for that tour!


  10. alle

    OMG!!!! OMG!!! I am so exited for the tour. I know that its going to be great. I promise that I will attend as many shows as I can. But Chris PLEASE make one stop in Arlington TX. I LOVE you both. Teambreezy for life!!!!!!


  11. Tinae

    Where are they going to be touring at I want some tickets to handsom Chris Brown and Trey Songz but really Chris Brown


  12. Jackie Rayne

    I would go. Chris can sang his butt off and the man can still dance his butt off too. I’m not a big fan of Trey but hey I’ll watch him take his clothes off the entire time.


  13. Ty-sha

    Omg can’t wait..Love both of them


  14. Ty-sha

    Omg..Can’t wait!


  15. Liuraman

    Is going to be one of the biggest tour to be remember, i can’t wait to see Chris performing his dance style,good to both. up team breezy.


  16. vava

    is Chris Brown Gay now?


  17. tia

    Concert of the year can’t wait


  18. darlene

    Hotboyz tour…..grown and Sexy tour… ya thang tour with trigga and breezy….Anticipation tour with Trey Songz and Chris Brown


  19. Johnny

    Welp all the thotties will be out for this one


  20. KeepingItReal

    Well….. Neither of them can really sing live. Probably going to be miming throughout the concert. At least Chris has his dancing to make up for that. Trey Songz well… Don’t get me wrong I like both of them but I wouldn’t give a cent towards this tour. I guess for fans, decisions should be made on prices. But whatever.


  21. Ignatius

    Mhmhmhmm cant w8t to here d new songs…sound lovely :)


  22. Melinda



  23. travolta molua

    have been long waiting for this two to bomb up , am from cameroon and Love u both like I don’t know


  24. naledi



  25. Alligator-ThA-Rapper

    It’s just a tour, i’m breathin’ out for such great thin’ from this two singers. I bet youu not to Critisize, As Matter of Fact they got F-Shiip for Real Though.


    M-Trouble Trigget Reply:

    @Alligator-ThA-Rapper, #ShiiitReal Mayne. I think we gotta go for Our On Tour…!! :) like did on J-Rec…. Stonedddd.


  26. john paul

    Damn Breezy been working too damn hard since released


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  28. Stephanie

    Come to Nashville!!!


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  31. Cortaya

    Angels breeze by….


  32. Paris nkosi

    Wow can’t wait OMG….


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  36. olivia

    They should do Australia aswell and come to Perth ;)


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