Video: JoJo - 'Say Love'

  /  10.27.2015

After debuting a video for her house jam “When Love Hurts” last month, JoJo slows things down with the emotional video for “Say Love,” her second of three singles.

In the autumnal clip, the songbird sits in her house in the woods emoting while it rains outside. She hits the highway and belts out the power ballad against the rustic backdrop while her boyfriend pulls up on his bike. He calls her perfect and pretty and holds her hand, but she keeps yearning for more.

“For the second visual off the tringle, I wanted something to contrast our stylized warehouse from ‘When Love Hurts,'” JoJo told BuzzFeed. “This song called for something open and intimate, while focusing on the tension of being with someone but not fully being on the same page. Calling out for more. The backdrop of sprawling field and tall trees reminded me of autumn in New England, my favorite time and place. I had so much fun making this video and I hope you love it like I do.”

JoJo is readying her third album, her first since 2006’s The High Road, for release on Atlantic Records.

“I did what felt right and I tried different things, and I took my time and just kinda played around, and what came out is an eclectic body of work, but with more of a cohesive theme,” she told Rap-Up TV. “It is diverse, but it’s all very true to who I am and what I love.”


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