Mac Miller Blasts Donald Trump on ‘The Nightly Show’

Mac Miller may have recorded a song about taking over the world “on some Donald Trump shit” back in 2011, but now he’s blasting the presidential candidate who once tried to sue him for using his name in a song.

The Pittsburgh rapper’s Trump bashing, however, isn’t about the failed lawsuit. Instead, it’s about the GOP presidential frontrunner’s campaign.

“I fucking hate you, Donald Trump,” Mac said during an appearance on “The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore.” “You say you want to make America great again. We all know what that really means. ‘Ban Muslims, Mexicans are rapists, black lives don’t matter.’ Make America great again? I think you want to make America white again.”

The GO:OD AM MC, who’s also tweeted anti-Trump messages in the past, continued with a lengthy monologue. Calling him a “racist son of a bitch,” Miller condemned him for being an “egomaniacal, attention-thirsty, psychopathic, power-hungry, delusional waste of skin and bones” and a “racist [expletive] wad of a human.”

Watch Miller drop the mic on Trump below.