50 Cent

50 Cent Threatened with Lawsuit After Harassing Autistic Teen

50 Cent might be headed back to the courtroom.

The rapper could reportedly face a lawsuit after mocking a 19-year-old man named Andrew Farrell who suffers from autism and Asperger’s syndrome, according to TMZ.

Farrell, a janitor at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport, was filmed by 50 in a social media video. In it, Fif claimed that the teen was inebriated while working.

“The new generation is crazy,” 50 says in the clip. “Look at him. What kind of shit you think he took before he got to work today? He high as a motherf**ker, right here in the airport. Pupils dilated and everything…The new generation is fu**in’ crazy.”

Farrell’s stepfather Ken Kramer told TMZ that the teenager, who simply shook his head in the video, doesn’t smoke or drink and that he suffers from severe social anxiety. He also reportedly didn’t recognize the platinum rapper.

The family may sue, though they are currently deterred by potential lawyer fees. They are also hoping for an apology and a $1 million donation from 50 to Andrew’s GoFundMe page.

Meanwhile, 50 Cent has been involved in a slew of legal quarrels in recent years, including his ongoing bankruptcy case.