50 Cent and Rick Ross

50 Cent Files $2 Million Lawsuit Against Rick Ross Over ‘In Da Club’ Remix

It may be the holidays, but 50 Cent and Rick Ross continue to feud. The G-Unit mogul is suing his MMG rival over his “In Da Club” remix.

Ross recorded a version of 50’s 2003 hit for his Renzel Remixes mixtape, but 50 was less than flattered. He is seeking upwards of $2 million from Rozay for using his track.

He filed a lawsuit in Connecticut, claiming that Ross jacked the beat without his permission, and he used it as a “blatant commercial advertisement” for his album Black Market, changing the lyrics to say, “Only on the Black Market, December 4th.”

The suit alleges that Ross altered the original “by removing some but not all of Jackson’s lyrics and performance, and then adding [his] own lyrics and performance.”

50 and Rozay have a history of beef. In July, 50 was slapped with a $7 million judgment for uploading a sex tape with Ross’ baby mama in it, which forced the rapper to declare bankruptcy. 50 now seems to be retaliating with the lawsuit.