Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean’s ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ Due This Week

The wait is almost over…maybe.

Frank Ocean’s Boys Don’t Cry will finally arrive on Friday (Aug. 5), according to The New York Times.

Per the report, the highly-anticipated album will be an Apple Music exclusive for two weeks. It will be accompanied by a major video and a printed publication titled Boys Don’t Cry that will be available at Apple stores.

Frank has teased a publication of the same name in the past and has also reportedly written a novel.

The insider who copped to the news was anonymous and not authorized to disclose the information, according to the Times, which also notes that it’s possible the album could be delayed further despite this confirmation.

News of the impending release follows a mysterious video that appeared on Frank’s Boys Don’t Cry website last night. The clip, directed by Francisco Soriano, featured audio snippets and the Apple Music watermark.

Boys Don’t Cry is the follow-up to Ocean’s Grammy-winning channel ORANGE, which arrived back in 2012.