J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League Calls Chance the Rapper 'Evil Corporation' Over Financial Dispute

  /  07.16.2017

“No Problems” has turned into a problem for Chance the Rapper, who finds himself at the center of controversy after the production duo J.U.S.T.I.C.E League called him out over a financial dispute.

Taking to Twitter, J.U.S.T.I.C.E League said that Chance owed them money for their work on “No Problem,” a song off Coloring Book that’s become his biggest hit to date. Prior to that, they also claimed that he owed them about $5,000 for a song off Acid Rap. “Our grievance is not about a mixtape record,” the group said via Twitter. “It’s about ‘No problems’ a hit record that we own publishing and production on.”

This was the latest tweet in an ongoing stream of complaints that JL made over the weekend. During the Twitter storm, the producers called Chance a “big evil corporation” that pulls “charity stunts under the guise of God” and they also referenced his child support case, saying that they wouldn’t go away quietly.

“@chancetherapper ain’t gonna do us like he did his baby mama,” the group wrote. “Ain’t no alternative arbitration. You finna take care of THIS responsibility.”

The group went on to bash Chance’s business practices, claiming that his move to “save” SoundCloud was merely to advance an agenda. “The thing is @chancetherapper normalized the free business model. Don’t pay (or pay minimal) for creation, post on [SoundCloud] and not pay royalties,” they wrote. “Of course Chance wants to save the free music business model. That’s how he got on by NOT paying.”

Later, they revealed that Chance gave them an ultimatum regarding this issue. “Just spoke with the man of God @chancetherapper,” they wrote. “he told us to sue or pull up him for the money he owes us…False gods being exposed @chancetherapper who we pulling up on? You or your bodyguards? Or manager your manager Pat Corcoran?”

Chano responded to the Twitter storm by confirming the latter conversation. “This part is true,” he wrote. “But the money I ‘owe’ you, I paid to the actual producer who is suing you currently to get out of that slave deal.”

JL fired back: “There is no law suit in place Chance. Sitcho ass down. Obviously YOU don’t know business.”

This isn’t the first time the producers have accused Chance of financial wrongdoings. Last year, J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League’s Rook told DJ Pain 1 that The Rapper owed them money for a song off Acid Rap, which was produced by a beatmaker who was signed under them. “They really, really wanted our tag and our credit on the mixtape,” said Rook. “And we’re like, ‘OK no problem, just pay us.’ It wasn’t even that much. It was maybe like five grand or something like that.” Eventually, he said the song was used without their permission and without compensation.


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