Chance the Rapper

Chance the Rapper Fires Back at Child Support Controversy

  /  03.09.2017

Chance the Rapper is fighting back against claims that a child support dispute could tarnish his image, particularly after his $1 million donation to Chicago Public Schools.

On Wednesday (March 8), the Chicago Sun-Times published an op-ed on its front cover, alleging that the rapper, real name Chancelor Bennett, was involved in a “messy split” from his 18-month-old daughter Kensli’s mother, Kirsten Corley.

The report claims that Chance has not established a long-term child support agreement with Corley. Last month, she reportedly asked for temporary child support, along with money to buy a home, furniture, and a car.

According to the op-ed, Corley’s child support petition reads: “Kirsten is essentially being held hostage in Chancelor’s residence as, on one hand, he will not assist her with the support necessary to obtain her own residence unless this entire matter is resolved on his terms, yet on the other hand, Kirsten does not have knowledge of what specific objections Chancelor has to her counter proposal and therefore, it would be impossible to resolve.”

Chance has reportedly requested for “a child support award below statutory guidelines,” though the report notes that child support for one child is usually approximately 20 percent of net income. He has also reportedly requested that the court require both parties to contribute to the child’s expenses.

In addition, Chance reportedly wants a protective order to keep the financial documents and records secret. He says that, if those documents were disclosed, they could have a negative impact on his family. In particular, the report notes, he fears safety issues could arise.

On Tuesday, Chance reportedly said that he has “one modest rental apartment where Kirsten and [his daughter] currently reside.” He also notes that “no one is able to spend money without limits, including himself.” He also noted that he is capable of paying permanent child support to Kirsten and to “support the child in a lifestyle the child would have enjoyed had the parties remained in a relationship.”

Chance responded to the article with a brief video on social media. With his daughter and Corley beside him, Chance speaks directly to the camera. “Y’all better do y’all jobs and stop worrying about how good my family is,” he says. “Just a friendly reminder. Don’t let anybody get between you and your family.”

Looking at Corley, he continues. “What did you say the other day?” he asks her. “Fear is of Satan?” “Yes,” she replies. Chano continues: “Yeah, don’t be afraid of what other people are saying about you. Do your job and everything will be fine.”

After his baby daughter mumbles at the camera, Chance plays interpreter. “Yeah,” he added. “She said, ‘Sun-Times, get the fuck back.'”

After addressing the controversy, Chance announced the schools that will be receiving $10,000 donations from his Social Works foundation. Those schools include Nathan S. Davis Elementary, Mahalia Jackson Elementary, Charles Carroll Elementary, Roberto Clemente High, Paul Robeson High, Orr Academy High, Hirsh Metropolitan High, Benito Juarez Community Academy, and Fenger Academy High.

Earlier this week, Chance donated $1 million to Chicago Public Schools and announced that he would donate $10,000 to schools for every $100,000 raised. He said that initiative began with Oliver S. Westcott Elementary, where he held his press conference.

“Today, I am proud to announce that I am donating $1 million to CPS,” he said. “This donation was made possible by my fans, through ticket sales for my upcoming tour and an unprecedented coordination from Live Nation, AEG, and Ticketmaster, competing corporations who were able to band together — also with independent promoters and venues across the country — to use funds from ticket sales to donate to CPS…I’m honored to make this donation to Chicago Public Schools Foundation and help cultivate Chicago creative minds.”


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