Trick Daddy and Trina

Video: Trick Daddy & Trina feat. Ali Coyote - 'Smooth Sailing'

  /  08.04.2017

It’s a Slip-N-Slide thang. Shortly after releasing their TNT single, Trick Daddy and Trina are “Smooth Sailing” through Miami in the song’s video.

Directed by Damian Fyffe, the Ali Coyote collaboration gets a sleek visual representation of M-I-A. Trick kicks things off in Overtown, before picking up Ali in a Rolls-Royce.

Eventually, the guys meet up with Da Baddest, who delivers her verse on a yacht with champagne in hand. Intermixed are scenes of fellow Floridians having fun and Trick, Trina, and Ali performing their upbeat ode to success.

Trick recently spoke to Billboard about how the song showcases diversity in Miami. “We’re going to do music for all walks of Earth. We got a Jamaican feature on there, Ali Coyote,” he said. “He’s a stone-cold Jamaican, for real. Then, we give shout-outs to the Haitians in the hook. We’re coming from the most poverty-stricken neighborhoods and showing them all of that. Both of us come from low-income homes. We want to do music to remind them of what we used to be. This album is really going to show them the true color of Miami, what we stand for, and what we’re about.”

“Smooth Sailing” is the first single off Trick and Trina’s forthcoming joint project TNT.

Go “Sailing” with the Slip-N-Slide duo below.

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