Morning After

dvsn Drops Sophomore Album ‘Morning After’

dvsn is back.

More than one year after breaking into the game with their OVO Sound debut Sept. 5th, the Canadian duo of Daniel Daley and Nineteen85 presents their sophomore album Morning After.

The 13-track effort builds off their mystique and soulfulness with nods to R&B’s rich history. “P.O.V.” samples Maxwell’s R. Kelly-penned “Fortunate,” while “Don’t Choose” features Isaac Hayes’ smooth vocals.

Morning After, which also features the previously-released single “Mood,” is a step forward from Sept. 5th, according to the soulful voice of the group, Daniel Daley.

Sept. 5th in a way works like a mixtape; it’s an introductory piece,” he told Rolling Stone. “This time around, we definitely have some records that we think have a bigger space to occupy.”

Daley says this album is also a departure from what is currently taking place in the music industry. “We’re separating from the pack,” he added. “When they’re all in the club, we might just stay in.”

Listen to dvsn’s Morning After below.