DRAM Announces Name Change with 'Maury' Parody

  /  10.24.2017

D.R.A.M. is now DRAM. Although his name change has been in effect for some time now, the Grammy-nominated “Broccoli” singer confirmed the news with a “Shocking Revelation” via Funny or Die.

The hilarious clip plays out like an episode of “Maury,” where DRAM explains how burdensome his periods — played by children — have become. “People keep mispronouncing my name,” he complains. “And these periods are making it even worse.”

So, to get rid of them, he went on the “Corey Blovich” show, to see if the periods are really his. Their mother, L’Brenda, is sure they are. “He ain’t nothing but a dirty dog who got me pregnant four separate times,” she claims. “And he did it sleazily.”

When DRAM hears that he is “not the father,” the “Cute” singer storms out of the building and starts smoking with relief. “I want those motherfuckers out of my name,” he says. “Out of my life. No more periods in my shit. It’s just DRAM.”

Taking to Twitter, Big Baby confirmed the news once again. “No more baby mama drama, from now on don’t put no mo’ periods in my shit,” he wrote. “It’s DRAM.”

Now equipped with a new name, DRAM is ready for his next chapter. This could include a new album, which comes on the heels of “Ill Nana” with Trippie Redd and “Gilligan” with A$AP Rocky and Juicy J.


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