Kanye West and T.I. Debate Politics on 'Ye vs. the People'

  /  04.28.2018

After trolling the internet with “Lift Yourself,” Kanye West has a political debate with T.I. on “Ye vs. the People.” Yeezy continues showing love to President Trump and the Make America Great Again movement on the track.

“I know Obama was heaven-sent,” raps ‘Ye. “But ever since Trump won, it proved that I could be president.” Later, he says he is trying to unify the nation. “You just readin’ the headlines, you don’t see the fine print / You on some choosin’ sides shit, I’m on some unified shit.”

West continues to say that his current political talk is meant “for the people,” despite perceptions. “I never ever stopped fightin’ for the people / Actually wearin’ the hat’ll show people that we equal…”

“Make America Great Again had a negative perception,” he adds. “I took it, wore it, rocked it, gave it a new direction / Added empathy, care and love and affection / And y’all simply questioning my methods.”

T.I. plays the role of “The People,” imploring ‘Ye to think about police brutality and more. “It’s bigger than your selfish agenda,” he raps. “Fuck who you choose as your political party / You representin’ dudes that seem cruel and cold-hearted / With blatant disregard for the people who put you in position.”

Finally, he asks Yeezy to see things through a different lens. “You gotta see the vantage point of the people,” he adds. “What makes you feel equal makes them feel evil.”

T.I. also took to Instagram to address the debate. “Long-term work in progress, no doubt,” he wrote. “Still Optimistic. Something From our discussion gon STICK… I refuse to just give up on him. The Old Ye Too Important!!!”

Yesterday, Kanye also dropped a perplexing song called “Lift Yourself.” “Poopy-dee scoop,” he raps over a soulful instrumental. “Scoop-deeddy-whoop / Whoop-dee-scoop-dee-poop.” Earlier this week, he also freestyled about slavery and “white dominance” while wearing a “MAGA” hat. He is now working on a series of albums, including a solo LP and Kids See Ghost with Kid Cudi.


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