Real Rich

New Music: Wiz Khalifa feat. Gucci Mane - 'Real Rich'

  /  05.04.2018

Wiz meets Wizop. Before rolling out Rolling Papers 2, Wiz Khalifa unleashes his new single “Real Rich” featuring Gucci Mane.

Over a thumping instrumental, Mister Cap raps about his wealth. “Baby, I’m a rich ass ni**a / Never said I was gon’ be easy to deal with,” he boasts. “But I be on some real shit.”

Later, Khalifa rejects the ladies in his life that want commitment. “Ain’t got time for a girlfriend / Tellin’ that bitch, I ain’t got no feelings,” he raps. “Young ni**a straight from the bottom / Now my car ain’t got no ceilings.”

Meanwhile, Guwop compares himself to another superstar from across the pond. “Solitaires glaring / Big stone, like Sharon,” he raps. “Superstar Ed Sheeran / Bitches love my earrings.”

Recently, Wiz announced the pending release of his forthcoming album. He previewed a new track in a short clip that showcases his mixed martial arts skills. “Keep them papers rolling,” he teased.

Rolling Papers 2 is due July 13.

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