Kevin Gates

Kevin Gates Reveals ‘Embarrassing’ Reason Behind Weight Loss

Kevin Gates is getting candid about his weight loss.

While answering fans’ questions during a video for Men’s Health, the Baton Rouge MC opened up about his journey to becoming “slim and trim.” In response to a fan, he revealed the “embarrassing” story that inspired him to hit the gym and shed the pounds.

“One word—commitment,” said Gates. “But what really did it for me, I had my shirt off and I was holding my partner’s baby and his baby tried to suck my breast.”

He continued, “I just was like, ‘I am too fucking fat. I’m a fat slob, I need to lose weight.’ That was the most embarrassing shit. I mean, shit, even though I’m a big gorilla, I still got feelings too! Man, that shit hurt my fucking feelings. I said, ‘I gotta lose some weight!'”

The 33-year-old rapper has been showing off his fit physique on Instagram and in his music videos.

“I wanted to be slim and trim like a bicycle rim,” he added. “Then once I lost that weight, I saw this guy come in the gym, seeing a guy’s stomach with the V. He didn’t have the pec, but he had that V. I was like, ‘I want that V.’ I got that V now.”

Gates is fresh off the release of his sophomore album I’m Him, which debuted at No. 4 on the Billboard 200.