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Tory Lanez Denied New Counsel After Allegedly Being Taken Advantage Of By Lawyers

  /  07.13.2023

Tory Lanez has been denied the right to change legal representation in his shooting case involving Megan Thee Stallion. The ruling was handed down on Wednesday (July 12), as reported by legal journalist Meghann Cuniff. The Toronto rapper sought to replace his current lawyer Matthew Barhoma with Ronda Renee Dixon.

In a previous discussion with the reporter during “Legal Affairs and Trials with Meghann Cuniff,” Dixon stated that she and Miami attorney Jose Baez — another lawyer on Lanez’s team — were at odds. “He won’t talk to me,” she confessed. Dixon further claimed that Lanez’s present team is exploiting him, accusing them of making crucial decisions without consulting the artist.

The attorney’s concerns over the musician’s current representation prompted her to draft a motion arguing that the star was subjected to inhumane jail treatment due to having celebrity status. Dixon’s allegations also asserted, “They’re acting on his behalf… They’re not really asking him what he wants.”

Dixon argued, “Because [Lanez] has viable, meritorious post-conviction litigation, this court should award bail… The unconstitutional nature of his confinement provides ample justification.” She noted that the treatment Lanez is subjected to mirrors the treatment of individuals convicted of much more severe crimes, such as serial rape and murder.

Despite Dixon, Lanez, and Barhoma all signing a counsel substitution document last month, the judge denied the motion without public explanation.

Meanwhile, the rap star has seen his sentencing postponed multiple times. Originally scheduled for Jan. 2, it was moved to Feb. 28 due to a change in legal representation and then deferred once more when the rapper applied for a new trial — a request that was subsequently denied.

Now, the artist is looking at an Aug. 7 sentencing. Tory Lanez currently faces a prison sentence of  22 years and eight months for shooting Megan Thee Stallion. Furthermore, he could be deported back to his home country in Canada. The shooting incident continues to cast a shadow over the musician’s career and personal life.


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