Poll: Summer Rap Albums

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  1. Hip Hop

    fabolous’ is gonna be one of the hottest albums of 07

  2. Tally

    These poll results are dumb. The two biggest sellers: Nelly and 50, have the two lowest vote counts.

    And Nelly hasnt even released a single yet, or even announced a name, why is he on the list?

  3. JC

    It’s so obvious T.I is gonna be the biggest Hip Hop artist this year. His promotion alone is crazy, and people don’t like 50 no more…& Nelly still has a chance.

  4. XS

    Haha TI went platinum once and yall talkin like hes some huge rapper or somethin. no one outside of the US knows who Ti is. Nelly and 50 gonna crush him.

  5. D1

    u know how i know these results are inaccurate as hell?

    Eve, Common, and Fabolous have more votes than 50 cent and Nelly.


  6. dan

    just because 50 is wack…..always the same…

  7. Alegal