Video: Rick Ross Plays ‘Free Mason’ for Jay-Z

Jay-Z and Rick Ross

Rick Ross joined Jay-Z on tour, where he played “Free Mason” for him for the first time with Trey Songz standing by. “I took my verse and the concept, I flew out to the Blueprint 3 tour in St. Louis, and I was like a backstage roadie for the next few days,” Ross recalls. “You will see me play the record for [Jay-Z] for the first time, and by the time he heard it the third time, he was rapping his verse.”

More footage can be found on the deluxe edition of Teflon Don, out July 20.

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  1. h e r n a m e i s j a e l a n i

    Free Mason? Is Jigga trying to tell us something here?


  2. h e r n a m e i s j a e l a n i

    I meant Rick Ro$$…


  3. 803blu

    I said I was amazing,  Not that I’m a Mason …/ I’m on my third six, but a devil I’m not —-does not mean his car 6 that he always talk about in his songs or his age it means his high rank number in the #masonry notice he laughs after he spits his verse……SMH my headed to this cat …..ya’ll talk bout ya’ll don’t care about his personal life well I care about mines. Relize that music controls people u listen to him is just like listing and letting the devil in ur house


  4. Holyworld lol 703571

    “its amazing that i made it through the maze that i was in, lord forgive me, i would have never made it with out sin holy water…” stop over exaggerating!.


  5. ugh

    “In 2006, as president of Def Jam, Jay-Z added Rick Ross to the most “FORMIDABLE” house in rap. This lead to “THEIR” 2008 collaboration “Maybach Music”, which spawned the Maybach Music Movement.”

    Well damn, you think in those three days he could have used spell check and fixed his grammar. SMH


  6. Geoff

    ugh: lol


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