Sneak Peek: Shanell – ‘What Is Love’


Shanell lights some candles and turns the lights down low in the sensual teaser for her new song “What Is Love.” Showing some skin in an oversized button-up shirt, the Young Money singer-songwriter sets the sexy mood in a white room as day turns to night. Fresh off the release of her new single “So Good” featuring Lil Wayne and Drake, Shanell is readying her mixtape Nobody’s Bitch and debut album for 2012.

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  1. Alright

    Is it me or is that chain earring messing up half her face.


    SAM Reply:

    @Alright, it’s not just you.


    Ice Reply:

    @Alright, yeah, it is


    harvey Reply:

    @Alright, Agree she’s way to beautiful for it!!!


    billie Reply:

    @harvey, yea shes to pretty for it


  2. michael angelo

    that body sooooo sexy


  3. DrakeTakeCare

    DAMN she sexy…i wanna eat her…


  4. Fa

    since beyonce all women dress like they are men dressed in womens clothes but Cher and Diana Ross did it best cause they learned from the original kids….
    This is a mess!
    WTF is that chain?
    Jane Child ” I don’t wanna fall in love?”

    She looks like a Mary Jane Girl in fat!
    Where is Rick James?
    What does the hand say to da face? “SLAP BITCH”


    tf? Reply:

    @Fa, wth are you talking about? O.o


    Fa Reply:

    @tf?, google Jane Child ” I don’t wanna fall in love?” and mary jane girls videoes…you are probably too young to know the originals!


  5. Songstress

    I love Shanell, she’s simply unique !


  6. bknyhustle

    Everytime I listen to Marvins Room, I get a chill down my spine, no homo. That’s that Holy Owl Music. Son got the formula on lock…

    in #jewgawd we trust >>>


    mamario Reply:




  7. Replay

    She is so fucking hot but she should stop with that piercing or whatever this is…


  8. mamario

    stealing the topic of Jennifer Lopez last album Love? ???
    What is love? Well, I will wait for J-Lo’s answer to that question…


  9. JHP

    Shanell is so damn sexy it ain’t even fair, she’s even more beautiful than Nicki to me personally, I really wish she’d get rid of that piercing, but as bad as she is, that’s something I would/could live with


  10. Hugh

    She is so hot
    Get rid of the chain!



    YMCMB. Where SNL happens.


  12. Umm

    The piano part sounds exactly like the “Where Amazing Happens” NBA commercials.


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