Shanell Parties with Aubrey O’Day on ‘Nobody’s Bitch’ Mixtape

Shanell and Aubrey O'Day

The party girls are back. Shanell is reuniting with Aubrey O’Day for a sequel to their ’80s jam “Party All the Time.”

The Young Money songstress and former Danity Kane diva have been busy with their own projects, but are finding time to record a continuation to their 2009 cover of Eddie Murphy and Rick James’ 1985 hit. “That is the reunion of ‘Party All of the Time,’” Shanell told of the as-yet-untitled record. “We started something and we’re gonna get back in and finish. I think we’re both party girls so it will still have that party essence.”

The result may appear on Shanell’s upcoming mixtape Nobody’s Bitch, the follow-up to last year’s Shut Up and Listen. “It’s gonna be a real fun mixtape,” she said. “I think Shut Up and Listen was more laid-back. Nobody’s Bitch is gonna be the party girl, the party animal.”

In addition to Aubrey, she’s collaborating with some new talent. “I’m not really one to follow any trends that somebody else already set, so there’s a lot of new producers I’ve met along the way that I believe in and collaborated with for the sound of Shanell to take over the airwaves.”

Shanell serves as artistic director on Lil Wayne’s “I Am Still Music” tour, which starts its second leg on July 13 in Hartford, Conn.

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  1. No ma'am



  2. Brandon



  3. SupperUpper

    Ok Shanell… Good look & good luck on everything. I hope she pops off with what she’s trying 2 do.


  4. paul

    yesssssssssssssssssssss shanell


  5. Isis



  6. Dave

    Get it Shanell. I’m loving me some here. Talented, & not following trends. Oh, & being a true artist, GET EM!


  7. Jellybean485

    looking forward to what she gonna come out with…….good luck shanell


  8. jo

    YAAAAAASSSSSSSS!!!! I’m ready for Aubrey’s new album to come out. She gonna slay


  9. jeremydante

    im starting to think shanell will never drop an album & when she does, granted its been hella long already, no one will even care.


  10. look

    I always worry someone is gonna take the chance and snatch out that ring…OUCH!


  11. Sean



  12. keisha

    why hasnt shannell dropped an album already…. umm no excuse. she needs to get away from the ymcm camp


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