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Kid Cudi Calls Critics "Homophobic And Sad" After His Sexuality Is Questioned

  /  07.24.2023

In a rant on Twitter this past Saturday (July 22), Kid Cudi took a stand against the homophobic remarks that are frequently lodged against him on social media. The musician spoke out about the unsettling trend of his joy being misinterpreted and maligned with questions about his sexuality.

“[You] know what’s crazy, and really makes me question the world we live in, is when I post a picture of me smiling on IG and there’s mad comments questioning my sexuality floodin’ my page [with] insults,” the artist wrote. Elsewhere, Cudi expressed deep sympathy for these critics. He continued, “I feel really bad for y’all, man. It’s sad out here. [Men] can’t even smile and be happy no more.” 

Furthering his point, Cudi quipped, “It’s like, ‘Oh, he’s smiling TOO hard!! He DEF sucks a d**k!’ Its like word?? That’s what we on now?? Homophobic, sad, and will be miserable their whole lives.”

The “Day ‘n’ Nite” hitmaker didn’t hold back, engaging with fans who agreed with his remarks. When one follower empathized with his situation, Cudi responded, “It’s just sad to see people so lame. It’s sad someone, a man, can’t show joy without there being some conversation about their [sexuality]. People been callin’ me gay for years. It is what it is. It just never reached this level of f**kery until now.”

Reacting to a supporter who spoke about how Cudi was “literally just smiling” in his posts, the rapper emphasized the extreme homophobia he was witnessing. “I’m saying. I’m like, Godd**n cats are SUPER homophobic, like REACHING for gayness everywhere they look, hahaha,” he noted.

Over the last several years, the Cleveland-born artist has been unwavering in his advocacy for the LGBTQ+ community. He frequently used his platform to challenge homophobia within the hip hop industry, even showing support for fellow artists like Lil Nas X.


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