Video: MadeinTYO - 'Mr. Tokyo'

  /  09.29.2016

MadeinTYO skrr-skrrts all the way to Japan.

No longer in an Uber, TYO hops in a taxi for a trip around Tokyo and its bright lights in his new video “Mr. Tokyo.” Walking through arcades and dancing in the street, the young spitter brags about his riches.

“You can call me,” he raps over K. Swisha’s instrumental. “But don’t call me broke / Yeah, I’m never broke / Yup, I’m never broke.”

Interestingly enough, TYO likely felt right at home in Japan, where he lived back in ninth grade.

Japan has been a running theme for TYO. Last month, he dropped his latest mixtape, Thank You, Mr. Tokyo.

Ride around with “Mr. Tokyo” below (via Billboard).

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