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76ers Apologize to Sevyn Streeter for National Anthem Cancellation

Earlier this week, Sevyn Streeter said that the Philadelphia 76ers canceled her national anthem performance due to her “We Matter” jersey. Today, the NBA franchise has issued her an apology.

“We are sorry that this happened,” the team said in a statement (per TMZ). “After receiving feedback from our players, basketball operations staff and ownership group, we believe that the wrong decision was made, and Sevyn should have been welcomed to sing.

“We apologize to her, and in an effort to move the conversation forward, we have reached out to offer her an opportunity to return and perform at a game of her choice,” the statement continued. “We are waiting to hear back.”

Players were discontent with the NBA’s decision to nix Sevyn’s performance and so was Streeter, who tearfully explained the situation on social media.

“I was angry, extremely, extremely angry, and disappointed and honestly brought to tears by all of it,” she told ESPN following the incident. “It broke my heart. Honestly, I was very excited about being able to perform the national anthem. I was really looking forward to that.”

The jersey, she added, was a way to express her disappointment in race relations and injustice around the country today.

“I also felt it was important to express the ongoing challenges and ongoing injustice we face as a black community within the United States of America — that’s very important to me,” explained Streeter. “Yes, we live in the greatest country in the world, but there are issues that we cannot ignore. This can’t be ignored.”