Exclusive: Zaytoven Announces Debut Album ‘Trap Holizay’

After working with some of hip-hop’s biggest names, producer Zaytoven is ready to step out on his own with his debut album Trap Holizay.

During an exclusive interview with Rap-Up TV, the Atlanta hitmaker announced the project, which has been years in the making. “I’ve been thinking about doing an album for years,” he says. “It was all about timing for me. I never felt like I had to press the issue to do it before now, but now, I feel like I’m at one of the highest points I’ve ever been in in my career, so I feel like now is the perfect time to do it.”

Part of that is due to Zaytoven’s magnet-like pull with some of rap’s most prominent figures, which will be reflected in the all-star cast of collaborators. “I’m working with, of course, everybody that you guys know me to work for,” he reveals. “I already got Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Yachty, Migos, Future, Jeremih, [and] Gucci [Mane].”

Zay, who has produced hits for everyone from Migos to Usher, might have some other tricks up his sleeve. “Right now, I’m just building on the album so I want to get different names, different combos of people you don’t even know me for working for,” he says, before revealing a few names on his wish list. “I would love to have Rihanna on the album, Chris Brown on the album…Maybe The Weeknd.”


Last week, Zay dropped the album’s first single “East Atlanta Day” featuring Guwop and another East Atlanta spitter, 21 Savage. “You got the legend, Gucci, and the new rider, 21 Savage,” boasts Zaytoven. “Makes it a classic.”

Trap Holizay, originally titled Trap Holiday, is due this year. “I’m almost sure that’s gonna be the title of the album. I like it,” he says. “I think it got a swing to it.”