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Rubi Rose Reveals "Weird" Fan Got Her Face Tattooed On His Leg

  /  12.05.2023

Rubi Rose’s top spender on OnlyFans took his devotion to a new level by tattooing her face on his leg. 

Today (Dec. 5), the “Twork” artist shared messages from the subscriber named Brandon, whom she also met last week. The screenshotted texts to Rose were full of declarations of love and frustration over her lack of response to his previous communications.

“There is not a single other person in the world as perfect as you are,” the man wrote. “You could be my queen, and I be your king. I would give you anything you could ever wish for. We can even have a one-sided [open-ended] relationship where you can do whatever you want as long as I know that at the end of the day, you come home to me and are only with me. I promise I will treat you better than anyone, Rubi. I love you with all of my heart.” 

He added, “I have never felt this way about anyone. I want to marry you. I want to have a family with you, I want to only be with you. I would quit everything and give up EVERYTHING just for you. I will do anything for you to love me. I will give you everything I have just for the chance that you never leave me. I want you to be with me forever. In my eyes, I’ve never seen or known something that I am so sure will be perfect.”

The fan’s messages escalated in intensity, even expressing anger in all caps for being ignored. Later, he apologized for his outburst, attributing it to his emotional state caused by his love for Rose.

Musically, Rose dropped her latest single, “Cherry,” last month. It served as her second solo release of 2023, followed by “Hood B**ch Aesthetic” in October.

The artist was picked up as an opener for Sexyy Red’s “Hood Hottest Princess Tour” earlier this year. The pair performed in major cities such as Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles, and more.


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