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Cardi B Reacts To Bill Automatically Registering Men Aged 18 To 26 For Selective Service

  /  06.17.2024

On June 14, the House of Representatives passed a provision automatically registering men aged 18 to 26 for selective service. It was included in the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which sets forth the U.S. government’s military and national security priorities for the next fiscal year.

Cardi, who has always been very vocal about politics, reacted to the bill on Saturday (June 15) night. However, she admittedly didn’t think the current generation would stand any chance on the battlefield. “All I want to say to America is good luck with that. These new lil’ n**gas are TikTokers, baby. These motherf**kers ain’t gonna fight no war,” the New York rapper said on social media.

She added, “You might as well just keep investing money in your guns because these new kids… You wanna send these new kids to fight these wars? The TikTok f**kin’ hip-shakers? Out of your mind!”

In May, Cardi ruffled some feathers after announcing that she’s sitting out of the upcoming U.S. election. During her cover story with Rolling Stone, the musician shared her thoughts on presidential candidates Joe Biden and Donald Trump: “I don’t f**k with both of y’all n**gas.”

She further criticized Biden over the cost of living and low wages. “It’s just like, damn, y’all not caring about nobody,” the “Up” artist said. “Then, it really gets me upset that there [are] solutions to it. There is a solution. I know there’s a solution because you’re spending billions of dollars on any f**cking thing.”

Outside of politics, Cardi recently announced that her sophomore album is “coming real soon.” In April, she celebrated the sixth anniversary of her debut LP, Invasion of Privacy. The 13-song offering arrived with hits like “Be Careful,” “I Like It,” “Ring,” and “I Do,” among others.


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