Exclusive: Skylar Grey Reveals Marilyn Manson Collaboration

Rap-Up TV got a backstage pass inside Skylar Grey’s rocking rehearsals in Hollywood this week. The singer-songwriter and her band were practicing for her upcoming live shows, leading up to her big gig at Lollapalooza in Chicago next month. She performed new material from her debut as well as some familiar hits, playing the guitar and piano.

Afterwards, she sat down to chat about collaborating with Marilyn Manson. “I feel honored to have him on my album. He is a true artist and a genius, and I’ve looked up to him for many years,” Skylar exclusively told Rap-Up TV. “The song is called ‘Can’t Haunt Me’ and it’s about zombies.” The two struck up a friendship and the shock rocker helped name her album Invinsible.

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