Jim Jonsin Makes Shakira’s Ass Shake

Shakira is already back in the lab working on a new, edgy dance album, as Rico Love previously revealed to Rap-Up.com. Now his hitmaking partner Jim Jonsin is spilling a few more details on the blonde bombshell’s bilingual project.

During Rap-Up TV’s sit-down, the super-producer discussed how Shakira flew him out to her home in the Bahamas and some of the music they worked on, including a record inspired by the streets. “We came up with a song that she had worked on in the Dominican Republic,” he said. “She had an idea from Pitbull. Supposedly, she went into the ’hood and did this record.”

The “She Wolf” was all about her business during their studio sessions. “She’s a boss. She definitely knows what she wants and she’s not gonna settle for anything less. She’s a strong-willed woman,” remarked Jim.

Expect her famous hips to be working overtime once the new music drops. “She’s trying to get her dance thing and get back to the Latinos, and do that with percussion and some house stuff.” The only requirement? “If it doesn’t make her shake her ass or get her moving, then it’s not even worth going any further.”