Rap-Up TV: Bridget Kelly Talks Dr. Dre, Nas Collaborations

In addition to prepping her debut, Bridget Kelly has been in the studio with two of hip-hop’s greatest. Not only is she signed to Jay-Z’s label, but the Roc Nation singer had the privilege of collaborating with Dr. Dre and Nas.

She described the out-of-body experience recording with the West Coast rap icon for Detox. “He’s funny, he’s so down to earth,” she told Rap-Up TV. “It’s weird ’cause one would think that after being around Jay so much that you would go into a room with Dr. Dre and not be fazed, but I definitely walked in and I was just like, ‘Oh my God. This is Dr. Dre.'”

Nas also called on her talents for a No I.D.-produced song that may appear on his upcoming album Life Is Good. “It’s another emotional record,” explained Bridget, who recently released her debut single “Thinking About Forever.” “Everything that I’m attaching myself to is very emotional and very passionate.”

Plus, find out who is currently in rotation on her iPod.

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