Rap-Up TV: Diggy Simmons Gets Inspiration from Pharrell, Co-Sign from Jay-Z

Pharrell has inspired a new generation of young rappers including Diggy Simmons. When we caught up with him on set of his video for “Copy, Paste,” the 16-year-old rising star shared just how much of an influence Skateboard P has had on him.

“I started looking up to Pharrell before I really started getting serious with my music, just like on a fashion level,” said Rev Run’s son, while hinting of a collaboration on his debut album. “He’s just been really supportive and now we’re at the album, so you’ll see if he contributed.”

Diggy, who’s currently on the “Closer to My Dreams” tour, cited Lupe Fiasco, Jay-Z, Wu-Tang Clan, and Kanye West among his favorite MCs right now. While he’s yet to meet ‘Ye, Jay-Z had some encouraging words to say when they crossed paths. “Jay watched me perform and he said he liked my stage show, so I was like, ‘Wow.’ That was a big co-sign to me. It felt good that he liked it.”

While many know him from “Run’s House,” he’s grateful for those who can look past his MTV beginnings. “The fact that anybody embraces me, it feels great,” added Diggy. “The fact that people can see past my past and can look at my music and me as an artist, it feels good ’cause that’s who I am. My occupation wasn’t ‘Run’s House.’ My occupation is this.”