Rap-Up TV: K. Michelle Is Ready to ‘Snatch Wigs’ with Sophomore Album

K. Michelle has parlayed her reality show fame into hit singles, a No. 1 album, and now a musical. The “Love & Hip Hop” alum will star in her first hip-hopera, “K. Michelle: Rebellious Soul – The Musical,” airing tonight at 10 p.m. on VH1. Directed by Idris Elba, the 30-minute special features eight songs from her debut Rebellious Soul.

Rap-Up TV caught up with the buxom beauty at her house in Los Angeles, where she resides with her two dogs, Pacer and Puff Daddy.

“I wanted to turn my album into a story,” she said. “Each of my songs tell a story about something I’ve had to go through and something I’ve done. So I said, why not take this and turn this album into a piece and turn these songs into a conversation and make you better understand a lot of my thought process behind the records.”

The Memphis songstress is also putting the finishing touches on her sophomore album with help from Eric Hudson, Pop & Oak, and Timothy Bloom. “My second album is absolutely amazingly scary good, juicy, yummy,” she said. “I’ve been working with a lot of producers that are musicians. I don’t do the beatmakers. I’m not gonna run and do what’s hot right now, no.”

The first single is due in the next two to three weeks, with the album out this fall. “It’s basically done. I’ve locked myself away. We’ll be announcing a lot coming up about it very soon.”

The album will feature a surprise country duet. “I love country music. I have a country record that we’re doing, a country feature that you’re never gonna expect,” said K. “It’s just me musically. I threw myself into it.”

She drew inspiration from some of her peers. “You study the greats and people you admire, like I loved how Christina Aguilera, each album had a sound. It had a feel. It was a different sound. Kanye’s good at that, a themed album with sounds and everything. I wanted to make sure coming back before snatching these girls’ wigs, I had to make sure that I snatched it in a manner of musicality and I wanted people to know that I am a musician. This album is so musical. I feel like it’s so ahead of its time.”