Rap-Up TV: Tank Shows Vulnerability in ‘Next Breath’ Video

Tank caught up with Rap-Up TV on set of the Mike Ho-directed video for his first single “Next Breath.” “It’s a record that digs deep into the male ego,” explained the singer-songwriter. “It goes beyond apologizing. It shows women the things that we go through that they never get to see.”

The R&B heartthrob’s fifth album Savior, due in May, features contributions from Danja, Jerry Wonda, Mario Winans, Troy Taylor, Kevin McCall, Eric Hudson, and more. “Savior reintroduces that man,” he said. “That man may not be perfect, but is going to try with all his heart to be whatever that woman needs. We’ve lost sight of that. It’s become the player and pimp age, and now we want to reintroduce the grown man age.”

Standing on set of the downtown L.A. shoot, Tank broke down the concept for the visuals. “It’s after the breakup, maybe two months down the line when I’m feeling like I really need this woman,” he said. “We go behind the scenes into the bedroom, into the house, where this man is basically going through it. He won’t eat, he won’t sleep. He comes up with this idea to honor her he’s going to build a shrine for her. A little bit psychotic, but sometimes we get that way.”

When it comes to R&B these days, Tank believes the genre is headed in the right direction. “I think R&B is in a good place right now,” he shared. “I’m always a fan of Chris [Brown], I’m always a fan of Trey [Songz]. Loving Jazmine Sullivan. She’s kicking butt and taking names right now.”