Cassie’s Sophomore Album Due in Early 2009


Sources at Bad Boy exclusively tell that Cassie’s sophomore album is now scheduled for an early 2009 release. The as-yet-untitled effort from the “Me & U” singer had previously been set for a fall 2008 release.

Cassie will premiere the video for her first single “Official Girl” featuring Lil Wayne on August 22nd on “FNMTV.”

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  1. il

    she is so beautiful
    love from israel.

  2. relay

    u guys always have the bad news about album pushbacks. ugh. i dont get it. shes worked with kanye west, pharrell, ryan leslie, and danja and her album still ain’t up to par? that doesnt make sense.

  3. TheOne

    The bad news? LOL. Would you rather not know and find out later?

  4. lala

    The reason why her shit has been pushed back is because Diddy is still deciding whether or not he still wants to keep her around as his sideline ho! I can’t wait for her to officially be dropped! She is so annoying and irrelevant.

  5. Tam

    I bet the lines will be around the corner for this one!!!11!!!…..NOT.
    Aaliyah clone.

  6. Galil ( PINOY Baby)

    Damn my pinay girl Cassie looking good fuck!!
    Fuck P.Diddy & Bad Boy Records!!!