Mariah Carey to Release Collector’s Set

Mariah Box Set

Mariah Carey fans who go to the store to pick up her new album on September 15 better bring extra cash.

Island Def Jam will release a three CD collector’s set the same day as Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel, has learned. The box set will include the songbird’s first three Island albums, 2002′s Charmbracelet, 2005′s The Emancipation of Mimi, and 2008′s E=MC², and be sold at a special low price. The packaging will have space for a fourth CD (hint, hint).

In addition, those who purchase the collector’s set will receive a Mariah poster to remind them of all the money they just spent.

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  1. Tohamy

    probably memoris of an imperfect angel could be mariah’s last album for island deff jam and her cd for a long time…….


  2. Curvaceous

    Im not sure about this same day ish. Release that box set in 2010 maybe. Dont F up Island!


  3. Dominicano

    I’m buying!~


  4. million dollar bill

    this looks like a good deal about time they started givin mc the michael jackson treatment we need more!!!!!!!!


  5. MACH

    oh gosh.. *light bulb*

    Tohamy just made me think.. She could be possibly about to bow out for a little while.. I mean, “memoirs” do sometimes sum up a persons career/life.. plus, she is taking so long with it saying everything has to be right.. *cries*


  6. kelly and brandy stan

    Mariah is going to start a family aftr this cd yous guys.. I feel it in my soul…. Ppl keep dogging her and im getting sad because she isnt going to comeback for a while… When she comeback she is going to have a GREAT comeback but still… Even though Im not a TRUE lamb.. Truth is the lady has never released a bad CD..


  7. Bhe

    Mariah is great, box set maybe. Never released a bad album, NO!

    Charmbracelet do you even remember that album. I dont.


  8. essejay

    I LOVED the Charm bracelet CD. Very slow jam-ish.


  9. bielyjogurt

    Charmbracelet is my most favourite albums of all the inteprents in the World. Its her most personal and her voice during the Era was the best in her career (for me better than 90´) Listen to Yours, The one, TTR
    I hope MOAIA will be good, not good as EOM but not as bad as E=MC2 (Walter A. and so) and after that long break, family and after that perfect live album with orchestra, jazz, soul, blues… hm?


  10. Drizzy

    charmbracelet was a chill album, i remember it. she needs to throw in jams like the roof on this new cd. music would suck with no new MC material after this new album. but you gotta give it to her, she earned it she’s gonna be going on break at her peak. or maybe her contract ends with def jam after this album you never know….


  11. Lil' Nello

    Phis just another way for Island to make more money I already got all of them except Charmbracelet so wouldn’t make since to get it anyways.


  12. Lil' Roy

    I’m buyin’ it!!! I’m a die-hard fan and a REAL fan of MC, have ALL her albums since 1990 (and I’m just 22 Y.O.) Even though, this has to be in my collection.


  13. Cari

    Im with Curvaceous on this one.. Island needs to release another time because this could mess with her sales from Memoirs ya dig


  14. jamesdhockett

    ” to remind them of all the money they just spent.” Pahahah- Classssic!


  15. lheia

    aww i already got emanicipation and e=mc2 all i wanted is the charmbracelet and the memoirs! damn! but still i will buy the two!


  16. I LOVE MC

    im sooo getting it even though i have all her albums this gotta be in my collection and hopefully MOAIA aint her last!


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