Jennifer Lopez Delivers Kick with ‘Louboutins’ Single

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez’s new album is not due until next year, but the first single is set to kick off next weekend. The A-lister spoke with DJ Skee about her return to music.

J.Lo will debut her fashionable single “Louboutins” on the 2009 American Music Awards on Sunday, November 22. “You’re gonna see me premiere and perform it for the first time,” she told the KIIS FM DJ during his “New Music Show” on Sunday (Nov. 15).

The Tricky Stewart and Dream-helmed song is the lead single from her sixth studio album love?, scheduled for early 2010. She explained the concept. “It’s basically about when you get to that point in a bad relationship and you’re like, ‘Damn, I really have to leave. It’s just not good for me,’” she said. “This song is actually about when you’ve made the decision—I’m out. It’s not the girl who’s like, ‘I’m gonna take my stuff, and I’m gonna put on my sweatpants, and I’m gonna cry, and my girlfriends are gonna pick me up and we’re gonna go eat ice cream.’ It’s not that girl. This girl is like putting on her hottest dress and her sexiest Louboutin shoes, and leaving your ass.”

The mother of two can relate. “I’ve had to do it. Sometimes you just gotta do it! You gotta put on your Louboutins and be like, ‘This is what you’re missing. Bye bye,’” she laughed.

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  1. GeeMan

    Wishing her all the best but unless sony is behind her 110 percent she can expect the same result from her last few projects because Beyonce runs that machine.


  2. rockwitu

    Beyawnsay is running on fumes. LOL Her sales are lagging with each album release. Her name alone is not even cuttin the mustard.


  3. AAWesome



    SONG TITLE – SICK! (Only, she, Madonna and RiRi could EFFECTIVELY pull that off!)



    1. RIHANNA
    2. CIARA
    3. J. LOPEZ

    I’M READY!!!


  4. ron.e

    AAWesome needs to cut down on whatever he’s drinking. Rihanna’s project is over-hyped because of the altercation. And none whatsoever for J.Lopez.


  5. Joe

    I still wanna hear Brandy’s version


    Harvey Reply:

    @Joe, You and me both!


  6. TLMusik

    ^^^^^I agree…I need Brandy’s version…I’m still kind of disappointed couldn’t keep the song..


  7. Kilyan

    who cares about J.lO nowadays…,
    I mean common’!

    + onCe again..she took the sonG from someone elSe.
    Thats the onlY way she makings hitS.

    Use to like her a lot on the first album but then…


  8. Catie

    I’m looking forward to seeing Jennifer perform, i can’t even remember the last time i saw her perform live. Honestly, she makes really good albums. I still listen to “Brave” all the time, i think it was her best work to date (ironically enough, it’s also her lowest seeling album).


  9. Rap*

    LOL@the brandy fans: Yall mad??

    I cant wait for J.Los new single.
    Lets be real, she fits the song title way more considering shes a fashion icon and diva.
    And J.Lo can dance and entertain.
    No doubt, Brandy would have killed the vocals way better than Jlo but oh well.

    And She didnt steal it, Brandy NEVER owned the song but Epic and J.Lo is signed to them.


    Harvey Reply:

    @Rap*, Nobody’s mad. Shut up. Jennifer Lopez is cool with me.


  10. The JLo Spot

    Jennifer is gonna kill it at the AMAs


  11. The JLo Spot

    JLo is gonna kill it at the AMAs


  12. Kevin

    I hope this single is fire! I had a mixed reaction to “Fresh Out The Oven” but I made myself love it ’cause I gotta support my girl. Now I want this performance, song, and video to be that shit people are loving all over the world!


  13. Dave

    PUNCH J.LO!!! Can’t wait. Music is getting a lil boring with these same chicks running things. We need some new spice in the mix. Can’t wait for her , Christina, Kelly, and Ci to run things


  14. FICO

    i love JENNIFER LOPEZ! She Gunna kill it at the AMAs…i mean she has to right….i know she has it but she gotta prove all these haters she got a spot in this music scene….I want her to be back on top like she used to be!


  15. Lou

    I can’t wait to hear this song!!!!!!!!!! I have a feeling she is gonna kill this performance at the AMA’S and she’s gonna have everyone talking… Thanks to Benny Medina


  16. lindsay

    jlo is a has been! and on top of that, SHE CANNOT SING!!! lets face it, the only people that give a damn about jlo are mexicans cuz they need somebody to look up to too!


  17. FICO

    @lindsay u madd ignorant for no reason! Thats like me sayn ur a white slut cuz ur name is lindsay.. First off she aint even mexican-nuttin wrong with being mexican–she puerto rican! Nd im Colombian nd im a big fan….Jus stop being a big a*s bird thats hatin for no reason….at least that “mexican” that u call her, made suttin of her life from a young age…unlike ur triflen self typing on a blog site, hating on someone doing big things.


    lindsay Reply:

    @FICO, mexican,puerto rican- its all the same damn thing! you hispanics aint got no bad bitches that can really sing like mariah or alicia keyes!jlo is all you got, thats why you love her non talented ass so much!!!!!!!


    Vanessa Reply:

    @FICO, That’s cool standing up for LATINOS!!!!


  18. Bark + Bite

    What happened to “Fresh Out the Oven”? Didn’t she shoot a video for that?


  19. amaroth

    wow she is gonna be on the AMAs?? See this is what america needs on tv, instead of having the same ol artists perform on EVERY SINGLE MUSIC SHOW time and time again, bring out someone totally unexpected.
    I was not expecting Jlo to perform on tv!!

    I am kinda mad at the whole music on tv in america. or the “media”. There isn’t enough and when there is it’s the same 5 artists. Okay i am done ranting :(


  20. mido

    JLO is the best despite her fall at the ama she quickly got up and continue her dance routine louboutins is an amazing song so hot uptempo i loved even sticky steward revealed on vibe that louboutins is gonna be a hittttttttt and no doubt jlo r goin to make a huge comebackkkkkkkkkk


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