Single Covers: Kelly Rowland – ‘Grown Woman’ + ‘Rose Colored Glasses’

Grown Woman

Kelly Rowland goes topless, only wearing a pair of ripped jeans, on the grown and sexy cover for “Grown Woman,” her new urban radio single penned by Ne-Yo. On the pop side, she lets her eyes do the talking with the black-and-white artwork for “Rose Colored Glasses.” Ms. Kelly has settled on a title for her third solo album, simply calling it Kelly Rowland.

Rose Colored Glasses

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  1. Daniel from Israel

    Why would such a beautiful woman do that to herself? why those ugly photos?
    Learn from Nicki!


  2. Lindsay

    I totally disagree, I think they look and Kelly looks great in both. Grown Woman is sexy and classy; while RCG just looks like a piece of pop art; well done Kelly!


  3. jay



  4. Muni



  5. Lebo(CaribbeanBoi)

    I think she looks amazing .. The covers depict what the songs..
    Grown Woman : she shows that she do what she plz with going topless ..
    Rose Colored Glasses: We’re just looking through, the eyes the hands work ..

    Kelly is beautiful …


  6. Kitty

    I love both………Happy for Kelly Rowland


  7. Trent

    She looks hott i love them both Kelly is really giving me Model and to Daniel from Israel shut the fuck up Nicki looks a fool still wearing PINK HAIR in 2010 ghetto hood RAT


  8. NikkiIsChillin

    Loves it! Kelly looks stunning!!!


  9. ponyo

    she needs to fire her stylist


  10. lostonez

    she killin me softly with these pics..she def on her ‘a’ game


  11. ...

    this “dual single” thing doesn’t work unless you’re beyonce, so good luck with that


  12. ThaBeyonceStan

    Kelly is beautiful. I LOOVE the ‘Grown Woman’ cover, she looks GOOD! the other one is aight #TeamKelly


  13. sucka4luv143

    WTF @Daniel from Israel; R&B Stars are not trying to do anything like Nicki… Get it together! Nicki is not what makes the world go round.


  14. GangsterA

    Hot she looks really good esp grown woman


  15. Kyle

    She doesn’t look right for the “Grown Woman” cover. The hair ruins it. It takes up most of the picture and makes her face look off.


  16. joe franco

    wow kelly is really killing it!!! i love these!!!!


  17. Muni



  18. WhatTheF

    Too bad they will both flop! She should just promote Commander.


  19. trey-k

    kelly needs to sit her arse down. She’s not a geniune bonafide superstar, she need’s to accept she got lucky being in Destiny’s Child & just call it a day.


  20. songzy

    @trey -k
    shut the hell up
    and go take a nap
    Destiny’s Child was holdin kelly back it might aswel been called the beyonce show
    as that’s who they were only promoting
    while real talent was being stifled


  21. drtash

    don’t like 1st pic that much. I mean I understand why she’s 1/2 naked coz she’s grown obviously,but the hair and the makeup is OTT for me. She looks like a drag queen tbh. sometimes less (makeup and hairwise) is more. but the second is good. rooting for kelly though.


  22. conor

    I agree with at @songzy, go take a nap, more like take a hike you fool, kelly is coming back hard!! Commander (hit) Grown woman & rose coloured glasses are both massive singles and i hope they do well. she needed to take time in releasing new material because i hate to say it but ms.kelly did flop but i think 2010 is definately kelly’s year, move over queen b & enjoy your holiday errm the other one! oh and love the rose coloured glasses cover, its very sophisticated lol :)


  23. Shaniqua

    I Love It!!


  24. b-do

    kelly is, contrary to what people think, a really huge star. she is rocking the music scene over seas. she’s a bigger intertnational star than half of the american singer (who are just that, american singers). kelly made her cross-over years ago. i know this album will do great world-wide. the reason her albums and singles have done so poorely in the past is because of promo issues.


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