Nicki Minaj Says ‘Pink Friday’ Is Crucial for Female Rap’s Future

Nicki Minaj

With the recent deficit of femcees in the game, the future of females in hip-hop depends on the success of Nicki Minaj’s debut album Pink Friday. The Young Money starlet spoke with V103′s Greg Street about how important it is for her album to succeed, and hopes that it will encourage more ladies to pick up the mic.

“They won’t look to sign other female rappers because they’ll say, ‘Her buzz was so crazy and if she couldn’t do it, then no one can do it.’ And I don’t want that to happen, so I’m doing this as well for all the girls,” explained the “Your Love” hitmaker. “I hope that with the success of the album—because I know it will be successful, I believe it will be successful—I hope that this opens doors for all of the girls everywhere.”

She also shared that she was initially scared to be a solo artist after associates warned her that female rap was over and that record companies wouldn’t give her proper support. “Even as far as I’ve come right now, it’s a testament in my mind,” she said. “So I hope the female rappers will understand how big it is, just for our culture, that the album does well.”

In addition, Nicki spoke about her excitement regarding Lil Wayne’s November release from jail, and that his absence has made her realize how important he is to the Young Money family. “He didn’t deserve to go in in the first place, and it’s kind of crazy how much of a void it’s been without him,” she stated. “We really didn’t realize that Wayne is the glue that holds Young Money and Cash Money together, I feel, so I’m just very thankful that he’s finally coming home.”

Pink Friday is slated for a November 23 release, and is expected to include contributions from, Swizz Beatz, and Alex Da Kid.

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  1. Jay

    she’s right! AN FIRST!


  2. WhatTheF

    Not true. Missy wasn’t really featured on anyone’s songs, and still had Platinum records.


  3. theAREUMADshow

    EXACTLY …i dont kno y all theese rap chicks is hatin…..if she lose…yall all lose…yall should be happy shes here ……(keys)


  4. Jaye

    so true!


  5. Shaytan

    BET’s My Mic Sounds Nice ” Nicki Minaj is Kim Kardashian with a mic”

    Lauryn Hill MTV interview ” Music has changed

    Lauryn Hill, Missy, Eve, Kim, Foxy are all getting back in the studio… Nicki Nicki Nicki… Let me stay positive…If you can remain relevant in the mist of all these talented women… then you truly deserve respect in the Hip Hop world.. However, If you cant hold your own.. God Bless You!

    Nicki when these women were out there were 40 other women rapping at the same time.. Yet the women listed above etched a mark in Hip Hop history… You will only gain respect if you can add your own variable to Hip Hop and not bagborroworsteal. com like you have been doing.

    Best of Luck… Welcome Back Girls


  6. theAREUMADshow

    @shaytan ….if nicki wasnt out….none of them would nt even think about gettin in the studio again….nicki brought female rap back #period


  7. Jordan

    She’s right, even if you don’t like her, still support the album because if she doesn’t do well, the door will close on all other up and coming female artist.


  8. hey



  9. Trina305

    Nicki didnt bring female rap out.. Music these days are on the fast food diet… Real artist mad music with meaning, had real uncomputerized talent and they released albums every 4 years..

    Artist these days release 2 albums a year.. the songs have no meaning, they tear up the charts and kids forget about the songs a year later..

    There is a reason why Kim’s, Missy, Lauryn, Eve, Foxy and so many others hits are still remembered 10 years later.. They had substance and meaning.. Not this “just add water and heat” music. I remember when music took months to reach # 1 on the charts..

    God bless Michael Jackson because he would have never been successful in the condition music is in now.

    Sorry do you see Jay Z, EME Nas & other greats releasing music every 5 minutes..


  10. Taybee(Ranoey)

    Just because old stars are coming back doesn’t mean that they are going to be successful. The game and industry has changed. Since they made a name for themselves people are bound to be drawn to them, nicki is still a new artist. So you cant compare her to them.


  11. Really

    @whattheF what are you talking bout wat does that have to do with anything nicki saying exactly what everybody should understand right now if nicki abulm sells good more females rappers will get signed they will no that they can make money of a female rapper again if nicki wins femcees win like nicki sed in still i rise “everytime i door opens for me that means you just gotta a better oprrunity for you to do ,dey they dont understand these labels look at number its stactictics . i lose you lose mines just legist.if nicki win they all of yall getting meetings …. do yall understand that record major labels are actually waitiing to see if nicki abulm sells to see if they will start signing female rappers again ..cuz right now they not signing them..seriously its bigger than nicki its female rap sitting on her shoulders


  12. Beyoncestan

    I rather see female rap die then see this chick be the face of female rap..

    Nicki you would not be this hot if it was 5 years ago and there was other girls out… You win by default..

    Try again…


  13. ASH

    Nicki is the one right now….its funny how all these people hate Nicki & mention all these other female rappers but prolly have more songs on their ipod with Nicki as a featured artist then they do other songs by female rappers…smh,

    Support her, she is doing her thing & she is working hard. not only is she pretty, but she is also a talented rapper…. when you look past her delivery on some songs.


  14. Jordan

    You haters obviously like her, taking time out of your day to click a link about Nicki Minaj and leave a hateful comment. You would never catch me clicking a link with Lil Kim effed up face on it because i don’t like her. So haters when your don’t hating and promoting Nicki by leaving comments and making her views go up, please jump off a bridge. Thanks :)


  15. youamuseme

    She’s pumping up her album, but I have yet heard something decent from it. Like I’ve stated before don’t talk shit, do it. Convince all the skeptics and make them want to buy the album. I respect her for wanting to be successful on her first album, but let’s be real, the game has changed for the worst. I can’t even listen to a song without someone bragging about how much they have or being complete garbage. How does that help me in any way, shape or form? It’s a shame when the wack ass rappers outweigh the good ones and sell more than their better counterparts SMH. It doesn’t; however, I do like some of the new upcoming dudes like J. Cole, Wiz, Big Sean, Curren$y. Nicki does not represent for every female in the industry. If she lose then oh well. I’m waiting on Eve, Missy and Lauryn to come back. This is why I only listen to 80′s, 90′s music and mixtapes.


  16. maxi lopez

    anyways she got the kinda money that makes a broke bitch biiiitter!!


  17. Jae Doe

    female rap industry dont rest on nicki shoulders! who really know the real reason y female rappers not gettin signed? i refuse to believe nicki is the saver of female rap trina still puttinn out albums she put out one earlier this year so wat the fuk? she’s jus a trendsetter i respect how she hustled her way in the industry n shes descent on the mic but she’s no SUPERWOMAN OF RAP. people jus be sayin n e thang nowadays.underground is best than mainstream shes a gimmick good for marketin n shes commercial. maybe the reason y female rappers not gettin signed is because they choose to remain true to themselves instead of lettin the game change them or jus bein a product. sex sales prime example they bought nicki minaj. lauryn eve missy are 3 true identity rappers thats y there still around. nicki not the reason they cumn bak fuk off wit dat shit!


  18. Jae Doe

    if she really cared bout other female rappers gettin signed why does she always rap about killing female rappers careers this is jus something to promote her album even more she a lie she dont give a fuk about another female rapper she wants to be in the game all by herself she jus talkin shit n she will do say n ething to do so.


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  20. idk

    Like she said. In monster she don’t give a f.u.c.k and I don’t either if y’all don’t like her go listen to who ever it is that you like and get over it no one wants to hear what y’all haters have to say.


  21. A Realist

    Its completely true. Nicki is everywhere. Fans outside of the USA, too. If her album flops…there’s very little hope. It’s gonna be extremely difficult to find another female rapper that’s gonna get a bigger buzz than her at this day and time. Its sad that the girls really are crabs in a bucket. I watched the BET special about female rappers, and I noticed how all the females from the 80′s were tight with each other. But once it got from the 90′s to the present they were throwing shade at the girls (excluding Missy Elliott). They had negative stuff to say about Lil Kim, Foxy Brown, Trina, and Nicki Minaj. That’s where the problem starts. Hip hop does NOT have to be a competition 24/7. The dying breed are killing them ownselves off.


  22. A Realist

    Bitches is like crabs in a bucket,
    you see a bad bitch gettin shine you should love it.
    Cause everytime a door opens for me that means you…
    just got a better opportunity to do you.
    They don’t understand these labels look at numbers and statistics.
    I lose, you lose, mines just logistics.

    -Nicki Minaj – “Still I Rise”


  23. COME ON

    @beyoncestan theres no girls out because there not signing them DUHH cuz they dont think they can make money off them anymore or they dont think they will sell thats the whole point of what was just sed …..record labels are saying if nicki abulm does good and sells they will sign more femcees if she sells they believe other will sell too ask some record labels if you dont understand by now …record labels are waiting to see if nicki sells to decide if they will start signing femcees again ..if nicki doesnt sell good there not signing them SERIOUSLY ASK A RECORD LABEL it really is alot put on her


  24. COME ON

    @beyoncestan nicki wont be the only face of female rap if major labels start signing femceess again and that will happen if nicki sells…the more cds sold=more femcees getting signed=more options of mainstream female rappers DO YOU GET IT NOW *uses slow retarded voice*


  25. Notmee

    You fans are brainwashed!!! Go stuff your face with corn syrup!


  26. John Locke

    Thats true, Missy Eliot was the shit back in the day, she put the mic down because she turned lyrics inside out. Made millions behind the pen too, then she fucked Ciara and put that bitch on the charts!


  27. maxi lopez

    @Notmee if im rite about my guess you must be another Alex Jones/Infowar control zombie, scared to think and analyze shit for yourself you pathetic fool!


  28. shane

    i have been with nicki minaj since day one. Along the way she has changed immensely and shes now FAKE, she has lost her sincerity and what made her unique, she is weak and this stupid shit is just to gain more record sales hope u crash and burn u weak industry artist bioooyycth!


  29. Darius

    Imma buy it at best buy& maybe download Nicki’s ” Pink Friday” on Itunes. Gotta keep female rap alive & support Nicki Minaj to tha fullest!


  30. Nait Phoenix

    I hate to admit it, but she’s right. We have so many veteran femcees backing out and so few rookies stepping up to the plate. It’s because when society looks at a female, her body parts are put on display first, then her talent is pushed to second place. It’s a very misogynistic look at talented female artists, and it’s a very vane look at all artists, but it’s how they sell. Leaving really good artists, like Nicki Minaj, to be the only person to pull a dying statistic in music back from the near-death experience femcees are approaching.



  31. minajsecurity

    @trina305 rarely anything you said was valid. LOL. please learn first before you make up things.
    Where is your proof that “real artist” put albums out every 4 years? and how does that make them a “real artist?”
    Kim had substance and meaning in her music? really. Come on now. Missy substance? Lol I was a fan but come ON SON

    If your name is not Eminem or Lady gaga or soembody your music still takes months to reach number 1 in most cases on billboard.
    Michael Jackson? What he gotta do with this lol

    JAY Z bad example. AT Jay’s peak he put an album out every year lol. You must not be a Jay Z fan. Em has been consistent his own drug issues kept him from the lab. Nas is not even relevant these days and Im saying that as a Nas fan.

    @beyoncestan Hate is unattractive. 5 years ago female rap was still in the slumps lol. It’s been a minute since it’s been revived.

    And the STILL I rise line is “If I lose, you lose, MA IT’S JUST Logistics.” DO any of you even know what logistics mean?


  32. GeeGee

    @trina305 your opinion was horrible.


  33. carl



  34. Stuyridah

    Im a huge kim fan, but i hate to admit nicki’s right she is the only one holding it down right now i feel like all the other women got to comfortable in hip-hop and just felt like cuz there vet’s it’s there game but nicki is still hungry fresh and new and has alot to prove. she is doing her thing and i cant knock her hustle until we see those new albums, songs, videos etc… from kim missy eve 0r whoever i say we let minaj reign and let this female rap game get back to where it started!!!


  35. HHH7387

    @minajsecurity Nas may not be relevant to those who love Hip Pop & those who love bammas like Waka Flocka, but Nas is still relevant to those who truly love Hip Hop. Trina305 was 100% correct (except for maybe the 4 years part), and anybody that disagrees probably loves all of the bullcrap that’s been produced since 2000. This generation needs a wake up call!

    Sad thing is that Nicki is right about her album being crucial for the future of female Rap (mainstream wise of course). Sales mean a lot, but quality is even more crucial . Will the album have enough quality to spark a new generation of female MCs? That’s the biggest question.


  36. Vyatte

    Wow these Comments got Pretty Deep I’m SHOCKED there’s SMART PEOPLE left n the world sum of u guys Noe ur STUFF as 4 Nicki I’m happy 4 her I LOVE ANYONE who has the guts to be an Artist because it’s really hard work Congrats For ur Debut album I ROOT 4 EVERYONE Why Cant We all just love n Respect each other 4 what they are and what they Do let’s Help instead of Hate I love Everyone so I’m not Dissing no one I give Shout Outs 4 every Female rapper let’s Celebrate Woman coming along way n Society 2day Remember there was a time When Woman Couldnt wear pants of Couldnt work hard labor Us As Woman Came Along way n I say congrats 2 that.


  37. toolondeck

    ppl cmon stop these pathetic flip flop bs, for how long has d-block been in the game holding it down with that real rap shit but how many of you “real rap ranting fans” actually supported em to begin with? do you think they’d stil be walkin and stumblin in such situation if real rap was selling – ppl need to quit talking bs cuz fxxk boy defjam and the rest are just after the money period!


  38. Alejandro

    Just because the old female rappers are coming back out means NOTHING. When you look at their sales they did very little to begin with, exceptions being Missy & Lauryn.

    Kim = 4 studio albums = 3 platinum albums + 1 flop
    Foxy = 4 studio albums = 2 platinum + 1 gold + 1 shelved + 1 flop
    Remy = 1 studio album = 1 flop
    Eve = 4 studio albums = 1 double platinum + 1 platinum + 1 gold + 1 shelved
    Trina = 5 albums = 1 platinum + 2 gold + 2 flops

    See the pattern here? By the time they all took “breaks” from music they were fading stars. The Jacki-O’s & Diamonds’ never even got their shine or props.

    What happened to Keys? Her 15 minutes lasted just that and no one scooped her up.

    The weight of the world IS on Nicki’s shoulders. She’s the female they call for a feature. These other girls have been around for years and are only a phone call away yet NO ONE is picking up the phone to call them except Luda for a “Battle of the Sexes” album. It’s sad and pathetic but the female rap population is lazy.

    Kim who was 1 of the biggest female rappers of the last decade isnt even signed to a record label. And no one is breaking their neck to sign her as you all can see.

    The fact remains regardless of if you like Nicki or not you have to respect what she’s doing because she’s gotten the female rapper back on the radio. Sure the other females are upset because Nicki is getting so much shine without an album. But hey it was her destiny and we all know women can sometimes be very jealous. And Nicki aligning with EVERYONE that these female rappers used to be associated with doesnt make it any better but at the end of the day… they need to work harder and STOP crying.



  39. Wanda Sanlove

    In the end haters or no haters nicki minaj is not
    the best rapper but she (ok) at it,nicki has lil Wayne on her-side,has done big act’s with mariah carey, usher,and among others,she also has got positive words from eve,50 cent and other people in the business has talked about her,plus her song(your love) is a hit so until other rappers(female)come in the(game) she is the present(FR)for now end of story,i mean look at beyonce she was leader of successful girl-group destiny and she now has a power-house solo music
    career and Ashanti,christian million,ciara,Jojo,
    and others can’t touch beyonce success or field
    because beyonce is always in the game back to back
    so these other chicks had time to step up but did
    they no,so with nicki as people may not like it but
    nicki is here to stay and she is building her foundation if you like it or not END OF STORY-)


  40. Vee

    Crucial for her career. Sorry Nicki Minaj didn’t break down any barriers. Female emcees were making records before her and will be making after her. There is always someone younger, just as talented (if not better) studying and waiting for their time. She need to get her head out the clouds. She is not the last of a dying breed.


  41. Realreppin

    Kim is signed to the Roc and about to eat this bitch alive! Kim feat on an Australian artist Amber 10 date commandments, they performing it at the australian Mtv music awards fuck nicki she wack bite off of kim and wayne got her all those feat. Bitch jus scared and knows she flopping hard!


  42. dorsh

    yes nikki go in on the hair style love it a lot and i am a big big fan


  43. dorsh

    so nikki were ever u r juss email me i wil love 2 be in 1 of yo vido and a movie


  44. chuck

    she’s absolutely right. There has been NO female rapper in the game who has had this much publicity, success and hype behind her prior to their first release. if she cant win these other hoes certainly have 0 chances at doing it. they are all too lazy and wanna throw queen in front of their name without all the hard work.


  45. Exactly

    @Alejandro you are correct. And all I have to say is November 23rd, 2010 #PINK FRIDAY please get with it. If your not then thats cool but dont get on here and be hating. Nicki is on her grind. She’s doing features, working on her album, shes in everybody’s videos.
    She’s doing her thing and as females we should support not only Nicki but every female rapper period.


  46. Nicki Fan

    whether or whether not nicki album flops or not, future female rappers should still have a chance because you never know somebody could always have that bigger buzz than nicki, nicki is not gone always have that buzz like she do now so if she disappear,and another female come out, she might be more interested to hear cause everybody raps diffrent and she might be less of a sex image and more of a positive image toward girls all over the world


  47. Nicki Fan

    Lets just support every female rapper, so we can get them back please, i wanna here other females besides nicki minja all the damn time…..please sopport all of them….;^)


  48. """THA DIVA"""



  49. Carmen

    I’ll pick it up. Shout out to other females not just in rap but in rnb music too. It’s just not too many females these days and its good and empowering to see Nicki holding her own with all these big name dudes in the industry. Girls need a female voice and someone to look up to too. FEMALE TAKEOVER.


  50. Deidra

    …I LOVE NICKI MINAJ(no homo)



    so im confused… who the hell are ya to say that nicki is pumping her album up just to sell it. No like she said she is working to perfect it. you haters are confusing. one min. she is pumpin her album up and taking too long to relaese it and the next you say that artist “back in the day” released a album ever 4 years vs 2 and gained more respect. I think its amazing how she hasnt released an album but yet she is #1 on the charts. you say you want the old music back but listen to her. You haters dont hear her real music but just her features on other peoples songs. She speaks the truth bout so much stuff. But also realize that the industry has changed. NICKI knows what she is doing because of that. She has to make it to #1 in the eyes of the people who go out and buy the cd’s and albums, downloads whatever 1st in order for them to listen. to lil kim and whoeva the otha chick maybe they cant be compared to NICKI because one she is on a whle different level. she already passed the past and is still killing the game. “But it think its her time. you know why? cuz her tears have dried and she knows that no weapon formed against her will prosper” -NICKI support her when the album drps or shut up. but when she proves ya wrong please dont be hanging on her everyword like ya are now!!!! signed a BARBIE


  52. Steve

    I agree with @Alejandro & @TEAMMINAJ they’ve covered every point I was about to bring up.

    Nicki Minaj is the poster child for Female Rap now, and she even brought back the LOST catergory for Best Female Rapper at the BET Awards and The Grammy’s are even cosidering bringing it back due to Nicki’s success and if anyone has noticed that catergories been gone from the Grammy’s since 2005 as well as the VMA’s making Best Female Hip Hop Video and Best Male Hip Hop Video into JUST best Hip Hop Video. And though some of those points are irrelevant to Nicki she has alot of buzz now and for Female Rappers coming AFTER her if they see “This Chick had so much buzz, and then her albumn FLOPPED” there not gonna be inspired to go and make music as they would if her albumn went Platinum, and there fore it IS cruicial to the future of Female Rap, and I 100% agree with her.


  53. Haterswillbehaters

    Sounds like a cry a.k.a trick to get us to buy, which I will not! Until KIM”S drop


  54. Nick_Minaj

    HER ALBUM IS GUNNA SELL IMA GET IT ON ITUNES WEN IT 1ST CUM OUT SHidd ICould C HaAss AFemale Mc She Got It Cuss Trina Aint Do Nuffn Rite Now So She Got It Its Ha Timee 1Takee Dha Stage SheBetta Gettm Now Whyall Evry Aint Doin Nuffn Llxsz&&Monster Rockd Check It Out Rockd Whaa Else…Well All Of Dhem Rocked I HOPE THEY SELLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO HEAD HBS <34 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  55. Nick_Minaj

    @Alejandro Blahahaha Llxsz Tru Tru


  56. Desi

    Female rap existed before the 3 mins she’s been on the scene, and it will continue after her. If she flops, all that proves is she is a fad. Winning a solo race is not the same as beating the competition.


  57. lan

    aiight everyone calm down if u hate her get the fuck off da page. shes doin her best and shes getting mad far. shes famous without one album, this is her foundation and its gonna build, stop lookin in the past with kim and foxy or whoever else, they were good at the time, now u gotta give room for the new artist like nicki whos whippin it


  58. Love

    Some of yall sound real stupid. Who really lisnten’s to her music? Being a babrie is some bs. Let her do her, but respect the oldschool females who got real rap skills.


  59. Love

    Who listen’s to her music? Being a barbie is some real bs.


  60. Love

    Deidra u are a homo. What kind of female says that to another female? lol. Much love to the homo’s anyway.
    Nicki does not determine the future of female MC’s. She does not rap compared to the other MC’s who did the thang. Be for real ppl.


  61. jada panashe

    Nicki Minaj’s rap is weak, does she have to look like a bubble bee? Please she cannot be the face of female rap!


  62. Mz.CC

    I personally am a Nicki fan, but I agree that some of her new stuff is very much like pop music and commercial. Without Nicki doing what she’s doing femcee’s probably wouldn’t be as prominent, and yes rappers like Lauryn and Kim and Foxy did they part but if their not tryna put any new music out right now Nicki is the face of female hip hop. (I know people keep reciting this but….) In “Still I rise” she made a valid point “I lose, you lose Ma it’s just logistics/ everytime a door open for me that means you just got a better opportunity to do you.” Nicki doing stuff ain’t none of this current female rappers doing what she doing
    Go Barbie!!!<3!!!


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