Video: Nicole Scherzinger – ‘Poison’

Nicole Scherzinger

Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger is here to save the day in the superhero-themed video for her solo single “Poison” produced by RedOne. In the Joseph Kahn-directed video, the sexy songstress fights bad guys and puts ‘em behind bars, changing in a telephone booth before jetting around town on her BMW motorcycle. Watch the venemous video below.

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  1. -

    Why is she on here?


  2. Dima

    LOVE IT!


  3. queenbeyonce10

    Is this Ciara?


  4. Madison



  5. G

    It’s nothing that iconic. I don’t like it.


  6. Pcd

    Its Different from wat i expected but still a good video!


  7. K.K.

    The vid looks fine, but I think she got the wrong theme for this one. The video and the song just don’t combine.


  8. infamous

    I like it.


  9. OMG

    Her voice is actually really annoying lol


  10. YOYO

    this reminds me of Ne-yo’s beautiful monster video. superhero and blah blah blah.


  11. Will

    This video was boring as hell lol


  12. GangsterA

    hawt i love it keep it up nikki


  13. Phoenix_Wright

    I like the dancing, the vid is on point. The song is kind of average.


  14. iFreakum

    I like the song, but the vid doesn’t really follow the song @ all!


  15. Melanie

    this is the first time hearing the song and it’s not bad (kinda generic, kinda annoying cause she’s screams sometimes) but all in all ok pop song, but the video confuses me, it doesnt have nearly enough dancing for a pop/dance song and it kinda doesn’t follow the video; oh well she has to do something right?


  16. Bijan

    the vid doesnt make much sense

    but the song is good


  17. miki

    the video is cool.. the song is HIT!


  18. liliana

    i love this video, dancing too and song


  19. tomass



  20. dfgdf

    i love the dancing


  21. zz

    this song will be hitttttttttttttttt


  22. xxx

    nicole looks hot


  23. chrisi

    amazing song amazing video


  24. ana

    nicoleeeeeeeeeee <3


  25. jopacangrie

    love iiit amazing as always love ya Nicole =]


  26. Gina



  27. Trina

    iconic song, horrible video. the director is a moron


  28. Katharine Mcphee

    Katharine Mcphee…

    [...] || Video: Nicole Scherzinger – ‘Poison’[...]…

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