Exclusive Q&A: Monica Reacts to Grammy Nominations


It’s been a year of highs for Monica, who rose back to the top of the charts with her sixth album Still Standing, celebrated her engagement to L.A. Laker Shannon Brown, and capped off 2010 by receiving two Grammy nominations last night. The R&B songstress, a previous Grammy winner for “The Boy Is Mine,” scored nods for Best Female R&B Vocal Performance for “Everything to Me” and Best R&B Album.

Rap-Up.com caught up with Mo backstage at the nominations ceremony at L.A. LIVE moments after she heard the good news. The grateful singer told us what the nominations mean to her, which category she wants to win most, and the first person she plans to call.

Congrats on the two nods! How does it feel?
I was really shocked by it. I have to be really honest. When I did this particular album, I was thinking about the testimony and all the different things that happened in my life. Those were just words of encouragement that I wanted to share with the fans. It was really an album that was all about the fans and I never thought about anything else coming behind it. I didn’t have any expectations at all. When they told me about the nominations, I just felt really grateful. I felt a little bit overwhelmed because when your peers respect what you’ve done and [The Recording Academy] respects what you’ve done, it just feels good. You just never know. There’s so much great new talent, a lot of us disappear.

Which category do you want to win most?
[Best R&B Album] would mean a lot because it’s about the whole body of work, but I don’t think there’s one that stands out more than the other because that song, ‘Everything to Me,’ was a very special song for myself and Missy [Elliott]. I’m kinda torn. I don’t really have one that I prefer over the other.

Who’s going to be the first person you call to share the news?
My children. My five-year-old [Lil' Rocko]. He’s gonna be the first person that I call.

Does he understand what a Grammy means?
[Lil' Rocko] does. He’s very competitive. My two-year-old [Romelo] could pretty much care less. He’ll do the usual, ‘Mommy, where are you?’ My five-year-old is very in tune with what’s taking place, so I think he’s gonna be more excited about the fact that I’m nominated and really understand.

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  1. jankobot

    Being a huge Monica fan since I was wow, 11 years old and I’m a few years shy from 30 I’m at loss for words and am so happy. She deserves all of this, love you beyond heaven Monica!


  2. sisi

    YesSSSSSSSSSSSss 23 been rockin wit Mo since i was 9!!! & im PROUD of all of her accomplishments. i think she can HONESTLY take em BOTH


  3. meme

    good for u Mo. I hope she win both but come on Grammys please give this girl atleast one.


  4. LJaY

    Iam just glad real talent is being recognised than the other overblown singers.


  5. From Tokyo

    Congrats to her!


  6. 10 seconds

    Yassss! Monica it’s well deserved…but Best R&B album might Be Fantasia..but I’m certain Monica got Best Female R&B performance!!!! Happy For Her!


  7. DesignIndulgences dot com

    This is wonderful news. It’s always nice to see real true talent rewarded and recognized and I hope she gets it. She deserves it.


  8. Ms. C



  9. COCO



  10. Brionna

    So happy for Month because she is 1 of 2 of my favorite singers and dhe is often slept on so this is a great accomplishment for her… I love Fanny but I want Mo to sweep her catogories


  11. mrmagoo

    She should win both categories… Fantasia was great this year, but Monica knocked her out the box, both with the song and the album.


  12. Dave

    YASSSSS Monica, she should DEF win in both categories.


  13. king_awesome

    i love u monica i hope u win..


  14. Mario Demeritte

    This is what I’ve been waitingon for years now. I am so elated for Monica and i wish her much continued success. It is clear that both Grammys belong to her. Each category is distinctive and let the records reflect the success. Monica all the way. You deserve it! It’s your year and YAHOO!!!! Love ya!


  15. LOL

    You go girl!!!!


  16. key

    congrat Ma, u deserve it, this is RNB represente and love u for that,thank u for keeping rnb alive,while hip hop is dead………..cant wait already for the next album. luv ya


  17. Mely B

    I am sooooo very happy for this young lady! So much talent and determination – I was so proud of how she fought for the singles that she knew HER fans would respond to and boy, was she right!!

    These labels need to respect these artists’ gut feelings more and trust & believe that their fans will respond to quality product!


  18. wtfever

    Good for Monica, she deserves it and is a great example for many woman as well as randb artist


  19. kel

    Congrats Monica !!


  20. Alaysia

    She REALLY deserves it. Praying she wins.


  21. Kyle

    I must say that I am sooooo proud of Monica. I have always felt like she was kinda snubbed by the Grammy’s. Especially in 2003 and all the success that “So Gone” had that year, which definitely stuck out as one of the best R&B songs that year. But I can see her pulling off one of the wins. I’ll be eager to see who wins Best Female R&B Vocal Performance because every year there is always a standout but this year I feel like it’s very competitive. Jamzine and Fantasia have been nominated countless times but are waiting for a win, but I honestly think “Everything To Me” is the standout in that category. GOOD LUCK MONICA!! I am still loving the album…


  22. ☆Lola A♏ ★

    Damn, I want her to win! I love Mo and the album!


  23. ms.jones

    I wish monica all the best I knw she can and will win monica u mean more to ya fans then u knw ya strength is very poditive and ya faith n god makes it that much betta plz neva stop doin wat u love bc as long as u doit well b by ya side


  24. Morgan Baker

    I wish you all the luck and i hope that is enough to help you win! I am a big fan and love all your songs. If you don’t win don’t give up just stay strong.I know you can make it if you just stand strong and nobody or nothing can take that away.

    A FAN:)lol


  25. datnicca73

    This has def been your year Mo and we are all so proud of you. Congrats on your wins (yes I am claiming them already) you so deserve it. Thank you for bringing back REAL R&B!


  26. iNVU

    yeah, i think out of everybody in these categories
    ill but my money on Monica takin em both


  27. Mika

    I know she appreciates the nomination but I hope she wins! She deserves every bit of that & some! Such an amazing artist & real person!!! Shoutout to all of us fans for supporting a REAL artist who makes REAL music!


  28. Tasha

    I am so happy for her. She rocks as a mother and artist. She is the most tangible artist around right now. Love you Mo doing your thing. Now everyone lets celebrate by voting for her.


  29. Bre

    Congrats Mo.!


  30. DaDonRoMaN

    That Album Wasd Great.. It Should have gotten more nominations


  31. ~~cooL~~

    Monica definately deserves best rnb album. Still Standing was the best rnb album of the year and it is the biggest commercially out of all the albums in that category….StilL Standing was Quality Rnb and it is the rnb album that seems to me to have the most grammy material out of all the albums in that category~~~~ The music was amazing and the vocals were Amazing and Pitch Perfect. The album had beautiful and powerful, pitch perfect vocals, powerful lyrics and amazing music~!!! It is a powerful album~!! and it is an album that was needed for people all over the world that are struggling especially in these hard ecoonomic times. Still STanding told people that no matter what it is you can make it and stand on your 2 feet and that she is a living testimony to that. The album is so expressive~~!!


  32. ~~cooL~~

    And we all know without a doubt that the Best Female Rnb Vocal Performance grammy goes to MONICA!!!


  33. Michelle

    I just purchased Monica’s cd 2months ago I must say I love it I listen to it all the time, she has such a beautiful voice every song is outstanding, I’m sure Shannon loves it when she sings One In A Lifetime to him. Everyone needs to pick this CD Up I’m Praying that she receives those GRAMMYS.


  34. denisejordan

    I hope she wins all both still standing is an amazng cd everysong great job done also she has the best vocals on the scene now congratts mo


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