50 Cent Reteams with Eminem for New Album

50 Cent

50 Cent stormed Sundance over the weekend to announce his latest film ventures. While there, he also shared some other exciting news, revealing that he’s reuniting with Eminem for his next album.

“I just flew from Detroit. I’m working with Em on my new album,” 50 told a reporter during the Park City festival.

The hip-hop mogul has already collaborated with an impressive cast for his fifth studio album including Lil’ Kim, Akon, Swizz Beatz, Busta Rhymes, and Lloyd Banks. The project, tentatively titled Black Magic, may feature a more soulful sound, but 50 is in no rush to release it. “I haven’t been putting out new music cause I think people need to miss me,” he previously tweeted.

On the film side, the rapper-turned-actor unveiled the first of his collaborations with boxing champ Floyd Mayweather Jr. called Tomorrow Today, scheduled to start production this summer.

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  1. Errol

    hasn’t Eminem been on every 50 Cent album?


    satkar Reply:

    @Errol, yes so that they are the best of friends


  2. Sargewp

    Eminem has been on every 50 cent album lmao, 50 is his artist….duh





    amany Reply:

    dont u knw?, 50 is the best rapper of 2000-2011, he started his career on nothing but he even overlaps dr. Dre after few season k bitch


  4. Jim

    50 Cent sucks…..He is nothing without Eminem & his movies are just terrible. He is a joke & nobody will miss him. The only songs that will sell on iTunes are the ones with Eminem on them. Ha….What a clown this guy is.


    cedric Reply:

    @Jim, fuck you man freakin gay, you dont know whata fuck you talking about lil nerd, go suck eminems dick so, fucking white punk fucking rasist… talking about eminem. man you dont know nothing about music just shut you fucking mouth op gay.. eminem wil be nothing without dre and fifty JIM.


  5. Jimisgay

    jim = hater. are you rich? do you have a big ass mansion? are you on a record label? no? stfu.


  6. Pinoy

    50 Cent should keep doing his business with vitamin water etc.
    His music days are OVER, I don’t even think Em can save him.

    But let’s see if he put out an album like Dr.Dre does, he might sell some okay numbers.

    DETOX!!! DETOX!!!!


  7. YaBoii076

    Serious? Collabo wit Lil Kim? Dayum dats weak. / glad Ems gettin on it again, waitin long time for next Em 50 collab.

    I tellin yall Lil Kim s goin to rape the whole album dat wack bytch / Nickiiii!!!


  8. someone

    People r dumb!!! if he didnt release album 2 years and if some new “rappers” appeared that doesnt mean he’s not going to sell million of records etc. so please


  9. sysia

    Please somebody translate this text on POLAND !!


  10. Jaws

    50 wil bounce bk,n quite sure hs nxt album wil b da best n wil sel m0re records.he stil hav a lot 2 offer


  11. suellen gabrielle

    vc e perfect te amuh meu lindo adorro suas musicas vc canta mto mto lindo ♥ ♥


    James Reply:

    @suellen gabrielle,

    Nossa Suellen, Vc gosta 50 muito. kkkkkk Tudo Bem? Eu espero pra vc tem um tranquil dia.



  12. suellen gabrielle

    teee amuh dmais lino perfect….


  13. n.

    all the songs 50 has put out since 2011 have been fire.


  14. South Side Kid

    Yow I’m done waiting on 50 cent to bounce back…he is still my rapper but he is OVA. He has no style again..its all gone.


  15. Hustler

    big up 2 fifty f all those who hate my always told me a car on motion dogs bark at it but a car stand by they piss on it i die for fifty wish i can write a song for him or give em one of my lyrics please do the collabo with gaga


  16. Tina

    Posts like this brhgietn up my day. Thanks for taking the time.


  17. amany

    50, keep on going, u will be the best


  18. g-unit son!!!!

    50 the best!! He been waitin to drop the new album to make people want it more…he a smart nigga watever he does will be a sucsess! 50 forever!!!!


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