Dr. Dre Relaunches Website, Officially Debuts Single with Eminem

Dr. Dre

The Doctor is online. Dr. Dre has relaunched his official website in anticipation of his long-awaited album Detox and release of its first official single.

The hip-hop icon is set to deliver “I Need a Doctor” to iTunes on Tuesday, but fans can stream the final version of the song on DrDre.com now. The Alex Da Kid-produced track, which features Eminem and singer-songwriter Skylar Grey, leaked last year.

“When it comes out, it will probably be the biggest song in the last 10 years,” Alex previously told Rap-Up TV.

A video for the single was recently filmed with Allen Hughes, the director behind Menace II Society and The Book of Eli. Eminem was spotted on the set in downtown Los Angeles.

After years of keeping the world waiting, the Good Doctor is finally gearing up to release Detox, having already kicked things off last year with the smokers’ anthem “Kush” featuring Snoop Dogg and Akon. The album was rumored to be hitting stores on April 20, but a rep for Dre has denied the date.

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  1. Macarons

    I kinda like it. Looks like LTWYL (it could be Rihanna on the chorus)…

    Hope the rest of the album is (way) better tho.


  2. AnKkA

    “the biggest song in the last 10 years”<== Delusional much??
    the song is quite "meh", nothing special!


  3. Phil V

    this is an Eminem track. I feel like Dre is an after thought here?


  4. Mes_Cudi

    Yeah. It’s technically an Eminem song. But it’s also the perfect intro for Detox.

    Dope track! One of my favorites out there right now.


  5. Cage Cudi

    I can see this as the intro, but hopefully this is Eminem’s only appearance on Detox… Get this asscrap outta the way early


  6. Killmatic

    It’s still not CDQ -.-


  7. djdjek

    i think dr.dre album will be a flop imo


  8. James

    @Cage Cudi What do you mean hopefully detox will only have one eminem appearance? You must be retarded he definatley deserves two tracks just like chronic 2001 even snoop had more than one track on the album.


  9. Heminem

    All the haters bout to feel the wrath of Aftermath FAGGOTS!


  10. babygirl

    ^ seems like you’re the actual hater… calling people faggots… I hope you’re no older than 13..


  11. Cal

    He’s quoting the song, he doesn’t actually mean your all faggots


  12. you

    i’m not hating…but to call “i need a doctor” probably the greatest song in the last 10 years is crazy…I need a doctor is an amazing track, it shows an emotional friendship between dre and em, and even touches on dre’s son dying (RIP)…but the song in now way is the greatest in the last 10…


  13. Pinoy

    I hope there are better songs on Detox than this.

    But it’s not bad but it isn’t like a classic.


  14. raw



  15. Me

    I like it! I heard the leaked version a couple of weeks ago and was like… okay. But its all so much better mixed now. Love it! Had it in my head all day, and I’ve only listened to it… what… twice? :)


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