Keri Hilson, Kelly Rowland, & JoJo Celebrate Danja’s 30th Birthday

Keri Hilson, Danja, and Marcella Araica

Hitmaker Danja celebrated his 30th birthday with a super sexy bash held at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel on Tuesday night (Feb. 22). Guests were greeted by scantily-clad masked mistresses, rose petals, and flowing bottles of champagne as they entered the luxurious penthouse suite.

Friends and collaborators of the super-producer including Keri Hilson, Kelly Rowland, Snoop Dogg, Tank, JoJo, Teyana Taylor, Kevin Cossom, Joe Jonas, and Busta Rhymes dined on the birthday boy’s favorites, mini burgers and pizzas, as they reveled in the Eyes Wide Shut-themed event produced by Miatta and Massah David of MVD Inc.

Check out all the party pics below.

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  1. ibo

    kelly looks hot………..


  2. ed

    where was timbaland and missy????


  3. mike

    they were at home wondering why Danja is the one still being relevant to the world LOL!


    Blaze Reply:

    @mike, Don’t come @ tim an missy like that there working making hit for some of your fav artist.Doing what they 1st was doing when they came in the game. Do your reseach before you talk ish


  4. Dave

    @mike how & Missy & Timb are still producing & penning some of the hottest songs out now? Timb’s career as a solo artist may not be hot, but he’s still getting calls to produce & let’s not forget Missy has been producing hits back & forth. She did Monica’s “Everything to Me” for example. Anyway… Kelly :D, Keri & Tank look nice too.


  5. Jay

    Wow, Keri looks so good…& Incredible Lago, she kills it everytime.


  6. lenor

    kelly is the hottest chocolate chick!!!!



    if i ever see ashley again i’m gonna scream!!!!


  8. AAA

    Loook at misss JoJo….Work Girl!


  9. Alfred Islas

    Jojo’s face is just lol. It’s like she’s posing for some super high fashion photoshoot. I love her :P.

    Joe Jonas needs a shave, looks like an emaciated dog.


  10. Jim Breadbone

    Danja is still one of the producers out today. Hope we hear more from him in 2011.


  11. -

    Look at JoJo looking older. Can’t wait til that album drops girl.


  12. sb

    Kelly looks so fresh-faced! Such a natural beauty full of natural talent!


  13. Lebo(CaribbeanBoi)

    MS KELLY looks amazing … Black Barbie …


  14. Gumaro

    LOVING JOJO’s new look! I love JoJo Period, drop that got damn album already! Im feena buy 10 copies!


  15. I

    Timbaland is an ass for not being there


  16. unk

    How do you know he couldn’t make it I knew some people would make a big deal if he couldn’t make it dude probably called him he was in my opinion the best out of the producers tim ever had because danja never bit his style like brian kidd has done plenty of times danja has his own and has been the most successful of them all to the point tim shared production credits where as others usually get co credits tim haters always praise the co producers and can’t accept he is a genius and apperently a great eye in talent danja is a beast kill all the hate on both of them


  17. TYLER

    keri hilson is the sexiest girl on earth to me


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