First Look at Jennifer Lopez’s ‘I’m Into You’ Video

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez flew south to Chichen Itza, Mexico, to shoot the exotic video for “I’m Into You,” the second single from her seventh album LOVE? featuring Lil Wayne. In the first images she tweeted, J.Lo blended in with her surroundings as she perched on the steps of a Mayan step pyramid while dressed in a snakeskin outfit with a headwrap, matching bangles, and platform wedge heels.

The “American Idol” judge is set to release her album on May 3 featuring contributions from Lady Gaga (“Hypnotico” and “Invading My Mind”), RedOne, Stargate, Tricky Stewart, The-Dream, Danja, D-Mile, and Radio. She will perform on “Idol” during her release week on May 5.

Jennifer Lopez

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  1. LOVE?

    gorgeous!!!! cant wait!!! PR QUEEN!!! show em how its done!


  2. Natasha

    she looks beautiful


  3. LOVE?

    and kudos to all the calculated moves for her release. its good to see that she found a label that gives her the time of day and will help revamp her career! im the biggest JLO fan in the world but she was fading fast before on the floor! Performing on Idol on her release week is a BIG deal! and should help her sales tremendously! GO JLO!!!


  4. Yaser Lad

    TBF >> The look is like Beyonce’s and Alicia Keys in there unreleased “Put It In A Love Song” video. #notoriginal Lopez!!!


    LOVE? Reply:

    @Yaser Lad, your an idiot!


    Sleazy Reply:

    @Yaser Lad, I havent even seen the vid infact no1 has and im sure j.lo didnt so stfu


    StreetLuv Reply:

    @Yaser Lad, I Agree She LQQks Just Like Beyonce in Alicia Keys Video.. i Hope it Makes Them want 2 ReLease their Video Now.. ;-)


  5. Harvey

    @Yaser Lad hell no theres no vibrate colors and that video was never released.


  6. Tiffany

    hypnotico as in Tami chynns hypnotico? i mean i heart j.lo more than any of these bishs’ actin up for her but dont settle for seconds jen!!!! its a great song but people will slaughter you for mcdonalds if they see you have used someone elses song that didnt do so good for them…


  7. aladerri

    WOW Jennifer looks amazing !!!!
    MEXICO and the Pyramids are an amazing place to shoot a video!!!
    I love “I’M INTO YOU” now available on iTunes


  8. Edwin

    JLO Is One SEXY MAMI!!!!!!! The Queen Is Back


  9. Mamaria

    AMAZING!!! Stylish and FIERCE.

    I love the song I’m Into You fear Lil Wayne. And i think the video will be even better.



    maya Reply:

    @Mamaria, what does beyonce have 2 do w| this?! smh


  10. Ya



  11. brian b...

    Trash can sing waaaaay better than your queen! So ya. Anyways albums will come out and we shall see who’s will sell more, I love both ladies so I’m done talking.


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  14. Jennifer

    she looks amazing!


  15. whatspoppinjoe

    i’m excited for the video! the QUEEN is back!!!


  16. Bianca

    She looks good, but there is a striking resemblance to the shots from A. Keys PIALS


  17. J



  18. Heminem

    JLO as hot and relevant as ever 12 years in!


  19. maya

    Jlo ALWAYS looks gorgeous!


  20. elia

    jennifer lopez always the best excellent.elia


  21. jeses

    some of these queens are really reachin sayin that it looks similar to a keys and beyonce. You fags are funny. That video was vibrant and was filmed in brazil i think. No similarity. Sit down


    G Reply:

    LOVE IT!


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  23. CheChilia



  24. FPI

    SOOOOO SEXY! And I love the song! Nanananananaeh!


  25. andrew

    i can’t wait for this video and album, and the way shes promoting this album is greattttt


  26. LadiBiryd

    Wow, JLo’s coming back hard! I never thought I’d see the day when she was going to make a come back this hard.. but here I am. She looks amazing and better then half little ho’s out these days. She never dresses Slutty and trashy like these whores out today.. She actually has style and class and has been consistant in the way she carries herself. Such a Breath of fresh air from those musty ho’s like gaga and keshit.


  27. cesar

    Jlo I always had your back.. you are the boooooomm and I am loving the songs. cant wait for album cuz i am buying it… Cant wait to play it while I dive.. love it.. and you are hottttttt.. alll haterz.. go to hell…


  28. ce ce

    JLo is super hot.. .. amazing all around…. .. cant wait for album…. stay strong Jenny from the block!


  29. jazmin

    Jlo is sensational and this weeken i went out to hollywood and a lot of girls were rocking Jlo’s look.. she is a trent starter.. go girll. super hot and people need to stop comparing you with others.. you are unique… there is no other Jlo but you..


  30. G

    once again haters comparing BeYAWNce and JLO!!!
    Beyonce is JLO with darker skin, just saying… JLO already did everything beyawnce is doin… and if i hear shit about her winning grammys and JLo hasnt, that arguement is bullshit, they hand out grammys to shit like BRITNEY & MILLI VINILLI, that arguement holds no weight…. and speaking of copying put it in a love song, 1st of all video wasnt released because that shit was a flop to begin with, & to continue on the topic of copying…. or stealing…. “if i were a boy” ummm do your homework, that song was someone elses, beyawnce resang it, & had the balls to say she wrote it… umm yea BS! didnt even give the girl who wrote it props…. No wonder her father isnt managing her anymore! GO HEAD JLO! ur doing great, use American Idol to your advantage and make all these fake ass Haters GAG! thanx!!!!!!!!!!


  31. cesar

    JLo is hott…. cant wait for the video.. is defenately a summer jam….go JLo.. all the haterz die please!!!!!!!!!!


  32. daniel esmael

    i lyk da so song mch his videoz is also so fantastic i lyk dat mch i lov u jenifar


  33. Ali

    all the hatters shut up please,
    jlo was great and is great
    she is the queen of pop without a doubt
    i love her and her musics and movies
    she is the best


  34. thoi trang nam gia re

    thoi trang nam gia re || First Look at Jennifer Lopez’s ‘I’m Into You’ Video

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