First Look at Diggy Simmons’ ‘Copy, Paste’ Video

Diggy Simmons

Diggy Simmons went in front of the lens last week to shoot the Phil the God-directed video for “Copy, Paste,” the first single from his Atlantic Records debut. In one of the scenes, the 16-year-old son of hip-hop pioneer Rev Run was hooked up to wires in a laboratory as nurses in white coats picked and prodded to clone his legendary genes.

“‘Copy, Paste’ is about just giving an anthem to original people, innovators, people that feel like their style’s been copy, pasted,” Diggy told on set in Los Angeles. “I’m in a laboratory and I’m hooked up to wires and different stuff. I have like a bandage over my stomach. There’s laboratory girls in the scene, but it’s just about them trying to copy and paste me.”

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  1. Izod

    lighty got him thinkin he 50


  2. dallas champ

    He looks very GAAAAAYYYYY in that picture


  3. jasss

    he needa shave tht happy trail lol


  4. alex

    look at his banana, he has a hairy belly


    Jessie Reply:

    lmfaoo I thought I was the only person who saw his banana lolz


  5. diggy is cutee

    ummm all of yall dat jus commented aree HATERSS!! dangg its amazingg howw yall hatin on dis lil boii, yall tlkin bout his belly heck yeaa he gotta belly, yall prolly got a GUTT!!! yall prolly fatter than him! GTF!


    ThisismE. Reply:

    THANK person smart
    HAtin HARRRRD!


  6. alia

    diggy hi u sing really good


  7. Hailey

    To all those haters go to his twitter and youll find a pic he has a six pack.!! So shut the hell up.!!! Jetsetter. :) <3


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  9. caroline

    I love what Diggy is doing he is such a handsome guy i will go further further with what he doing he turned out to be a amazing person.


  10. Keyaira

    This young man is doing great things with his life, I am proud of him. Too the people with nothing but negative comment’s to say I bet your life is not so great……He is an inspiring young man and my daughter’s love him!!! Keep up the great work Diggy I know Rev is pround of you and I see you being just as great as he was!!!!!!


  11. nia

    can’t wait to see the video……cant wait for the album to come out…….true jetsetter !!!!!!!


  12. Mary-Kate

    Heey I Love Your Videos Your A Really Great Singer Never Give Up On What You Do.. :D P.S Your Really Cute!!


  13. niqqer



  14. toys


    [...] || First Look at Diggy Simmons’ ‘Copy, Paste’ Video[...]…

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