Video: Lil Twist f/ Busta Rhymes – ‘Turn’t Up’

Lil Twist

Lil Twist gets “Turn’t Up” in the flashy video for the Busta Rhymes-assisted single off his debut Don’t Get It Twisted, due March 20.

Lil Wayne’s 19-year-old protégé flaunts his wild style in the Hype Williams-inspired visuals, skateboarding through his crib in a leopard track jacket, rapping in a feathery pink coat, and stomping in zebra-print combat boots alongside his Cash Money cohort Busta Rhymes.

Twizzy gets a check-up from a sexy nurse before taking off in a private jet, and splurges on his ladies with the YMCMB Discover card. Just another day in the life of a Young Money Millionaire.

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  1. Kawame C. Curry

    Hang it up! You’ll never be on the level of Nicki.


  2. RihannaCB

    whats with the pink furr coat lol!
    For the rest, its cool. Not expecting him to be on nicki’s level, like OTHAS.


  3. jayJAy

    oghhhhhhh hellllllllllllll nahhhhh playyy boyyyyyyyyyy
    with dont rolllllllll like that……what a boti boi music…..


  4. chris

    niggas took a lesson from rickross seizure


  5. chris

    lil twist wanted to make sure he had no rickross seizure types with the nurse checkup


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  7. CarlosBonegro

    his wearing a pink furr coat thats all i have to say


  8. wow

    Umm Camron wears that shyt so whats the deal?


    Mats Reply:

    Cam’rons a BOSS. He’s not. Nuff said.


  9. wonderLand19

    Lil Twist is 1 year younger than me but he makes songs for 13 year olds.




    Totally Gay.


  11. Dawnexperience

    Is his emerging from the closet, finally?


  12. Oh Please

    His mixtape the Golden Child was actually pretty decent. And i can’t stand this dude’s voice..but I must give props.


  13. Sharp Tongue

    Music nowadays sucks.


  14. nicegirl

    Horrible. He can’t be taken seriously if he’s wearing a pink fur coat.


  15. unplugged

    busta is a sad look…i knw he cash money now but does he really gotta do a song with Twist? i mean dude shud or is in the legendary category…….fail


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