Album Cover: Santigold – ‘Master of My Make-Believe’

Master of My Make-Believe

Santigold takes on three different roles on the regal cover of her sophomore album Master of My Make-Believe, due May 1. In the photo shot by Jason Schmidt, the Philadelphia-bred singer transforms into a “Bond girl” wearing a gold bodysuit by Alexander Wang, an army officer inspired by a painting by Kehinde Wiley, and a mafia Don (“Some sort of ruler in my own reality,” she says). The artwork is based off 18th-century British artist Joshua Reynolds’ painting of Banastre Tarleton titled “Portrait of an Officer.”

Go behind the scenes of Santi’s cover shoot at Explorer’s Club in New York.

[T Magazine]

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  1. Redchainsaw

    E P I C!!


  2. mumi

    love santi!!


  3. Iceman

    Illuminati conspiracy theories in 3…2…1…


  4. Chet

    It’s about fuckin time! I hope she comes back to Austin soon. She smashed it at Stubb’s a few years back.


  5. Drew



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  7. LucianK

    That’s my queen! Love this artwork – she’s just doing her thing & i think she’ll slay this year!


  8. Kyle

    OMG!!! I love it! “Disparate Youth” is such a good lead single for her album. I’m so pumped that it has a release date now. I can’t wait to get my hands on this on May 1st!


  9. Logic

    them chocolate legs got me feeling some kind of way!


  10. Joey

    finally a female urban artist who takes her artwork serious! love it!


  11. Rap*

    Shes in the illuminati.

    Her video had so many symbols and now alter ego and everything.

    They mind controled her and she has now alter egos.

    Shit wake up people

    Its not just ART…its deeper than that.


    Logic Reply:

    @Rap*, Lol…just stop. You sound like your posessed by the illuminati and no longer have the ability to enojoy the world God gave us


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