New Music: Olivia f/ Sean Kingston – ‘Sun Don’t Shine’

Sean Kingston and Olivia

Love stands the test of time on “Sun Don’t Shine,” Olivia’s sweet collaboration with Sean Kingston. “If the world breaks down tomorrow, ’til the end of the Earth I will follow,” sings the “Love & Hip Hop” star over the midtempo melody, while Mr. Kingston provides the sentimental hook. The former G-Unit signee is recording her new album Show the World and gearing up to shoot a third season of the VH1 reality show.

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  1. Ashley

    Girl, BYE!


    She Be Killin Em Reply:

    @Ashley, Lmfaoooooo. I was about to type that and before i could it was already posted smh


  2. Shay

    I like Sean’s part but Olivia just sounds the same like on December. This song would’ve sounded better with someone like Nicki Minaj doin slow rap to it


    Treyy Reply:

    @Shay, Sounds like December? REALLY??

    Olivia is damned if she does damned if she don’t. Yall complain about how she needs to put songs out, but when she does, everybody is quick to hate on her. Like, what does she have to do?

    This son isn’t bad at all.


  3. yahhh

    yall need to quit hating on her. She’s on her grind a 100 percent


  4. Tyler The BO$$

    Olivia your played out and Sean Kingston you should know better than to work with her the price must have been right.


  5. Hip-Hip Fiend

    Olivia is signed to Pineapple Records lmao…


  6. hope

    what is yall talking about this is good go girl


  7. Minaj

    smfh everything somebody does yall always got to bring up nicki name like plzz ima fan but i dont want to see her name pop up on every damn thing like she would of not been good on this song i like it and its good that she coming back out


  8. Jas

    I love it! Weird calboration but it works!



    This song is too dry, if she got SK on a track, it needs to be hype so she can get a hit …


  10. Songstress

    The song is good but it’s missing something…it’s chill though


  11. KC

    Looking forward to Monica, Brandy, Keyshia Cole and Ashanti album to come out..real r&b queens..bcuz no offense because she is lost


  12. Ross

    Its funny, Sean Kingston is the part of the song that I don’t like and everyone has an issue with her.

    He sounds the same on most of the stuff he does.


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