Pharrell, Jermaine Dupri, & Mariah Carey Welcome Leah LaBelle to NYC

Pharrell, Leah LaBelle, L.A. Reid, Mariah Carey, and J.D.

Pharrell and Jermaine Dupri hosted a coming out party to welcome their new artist Leah LaBelle to New York City last night. Mariah Carey and L.A. Reid showed their support for the Seattle singer, who will release her debut album on I Am Other/So So Def/Epic Records.

Guests dined on crispy rice cakes and herb roasted branzino at seafood restaurant Catch, while catching up with the Season 3 “American Idol” contestant.

“An EPIC moment at my dinner tonight,” tweeted Leah, whose debut single “Sexify” was produced by Pharrell. “I can’t even express my joy.”

Mariah Carey, L.A. Reid, and Leah LaBelle

Pharrell, Leah LaBelle, and J.D.

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  1. gg

    She finally getting her just dues. So happy for her. Its been a long time coming! Yay!


  2. DRB

    Excessive lighting much


  3. WonderLand19

    Yayyyy!!!! Big things are happenning for my girl! *Jumps around the rooom to ‘sexify’*

    I need her to come to the UK to do a show asap!


  4. Jay

    WOW! I’ve been a fan of Leah’s since A.I. So glad to see her making moves. And I can’t believe she’s just chilling with Mariah Carey, Pharrel, J.D. & L.A. Reid. Insane! :)


  5. DeeJay

    I waiting for the new Mariah Carey album. I cant wait for her debut album, seem Mariah support her, she doesn’t show support unless she really digs that person music.


  6. Dustin

    It should have been a 3 way showdown at the end of her season with her, Fanny, and J hud… And as the years go by more and more I think Leah should have won.

    About time you doin big things girl!


  7. Ice

    This whole week I’ve been in love with Sexify. I can see this girl going places. And it’s funny that she was with Mariah because I just thought about how much Sexify sounds like I’m That Chick.


  8. kenya

    i love the way you dress


  9. kenya

    i love the way you dance


  10. kenya

    you look nice


  11. Songstress

    I am excited for this girl…she’s someone to look out for!





  13. TRP

    I’ve been a Leah fan since Idol, I remember being so sad at 14 when she was eliminated first from the Top 12. LOL
    She has a really special tone and voice quality that has to be catered too, and I think JD and Pharrell can pull it off. A female voice in the industry today comes a dime a dozen, so many sound the same, so many can do the same things vocally…however Leah Labelle has a different voice and certain records need to be made specially for it.


  14. HellYeah

    DOPE! She already looks like a superstar on camera.


  15. Hotlikefire77

    We are lambily, u guys all look hot and was a nice night out we appreciate seeing you guys out . We enjoyed cha too thank you so much, much love and respect, hotlikefire77


  16. noway

    nobody care we want hip hop back in new york city…


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