Flo Rida Sets July Release Date for New Album ‘Wild Ones’

Flo Rida

Flo Rida has the summer on lock. The chart-topping rapper is ready to unleash more hits on his fourth album Wild Ones, due July 3 via IMG/Poe Boy/Atlantic.

“With this album, there’s gonna be a lot of No. 1s, so that’s why I came up with the title Wild Ones,” Flo told Billboard. “I made it my business to be inspired by just traveling around the world, and just coming up with some music that the world can enjoy—to take this from local to national to international.”

The follow-up to 2010’s Only One Flo (Part 1), which was previously titled Only One Rida (Part 2), features the hit singles “Good Feeling” and “Wild Ones,” plus “Whistle,” for which he recently shot a video in Acapulco, Mexico.

Watch him perform the title track on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

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  1. hood

    He really bringing the heat.whistle is a banger.


  2. Wonderland19

    BREEZY V Flo Rida

    “DING DING” Let the battle begin!



    joey Reply:

    @Wonderland19, how can you compare a pop singer like Flo Rida with hip-hop rapper lil wayne? shame on you to compare them!


    Wonderland19 Reply:



    rick Reply:

    @joey, who the fuck is lil brayne. lmao


    #RihannaNAVi Reply:

    @joey, He said BREEZY = Chris Brown not lil wayne


    Sbuam Reply:

    @joey, wayne aint no hiphop ! he is rap/pop &
    flo rida is techno/electro/rap


  3. RP

    Ugh! Ok I’m excited for the album regardless, but why did he feel the need to ditch Only One Rida Part 2?! It’s annoying because now he has a random album called Only One Flo Part 1. Rida Part 2 would have completed the set. Granted Flo Part 1 was more of an EP with only 8 songs, so maybe Wild Ones will be meatier. I just really hope his next project will complete the “Only One” series. We got Only One Flo, now we need Only One Rida! Let’s go!


  4. plus your Time & lvUb

    who is checking for him


    Keepin it real Reply:

    @plus your Time & lvUb, so who’s checkin for u as well u hater??


  5. plus your Time & lvUb

    who checking for him


  6. davyd69

    His first album was very good, the second was good, the third was bad, the fourth album will be poor. He turns his good hip-hop music to a pop music ….. What a bad change.


    Sbuam Reply:

    @davyd69, WTF ? he was always pop!! lol “He turns his good hip hop music to a pop music”
    LMAO funny shit ! its like saying justin bieber was a great rapper before he made “baby” lol


  7. Hugh

    Good choice with the title.

    Wild Ones and Whistle are dope


  8. Diego

    another pop artists that has mad radio single play then only sells 20,000 albums ill pass and fyi wild ones single did not go # 1 so he running his mouth for nothing


  9. Luci

    I m waiting for “In my mind part 2 ” song is awesome:X


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