Video: Future f/ Diddy & Ludacris – ‘Same Damn Time (Remix)’


Future connects with Diddy and Ludacris in the flashy video for the remix to his ubiquitous single “Same Damn Time” off his debut album Pluto.

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  1. Yeah

    diddy stop plz


    lol Reply:

    @Yeah, smh people hate on diddy whenever they see him lol you never even hear him anymore and people still freak out when he raps. get a life. he aint that good but worth you commenting?


  2. kayboy

    I think diddy’s verse on this track is the best, stop hating on this dude, good video great verses


  3. TheDreamer

    I think Luda had the best video. I like this song anyway…kinda catchy.


    TheDreamer Reply:

    @TheDreamer, I mean verse.


    Jay-Me Reply:

    @TheDreamer, Luda hands down had the best verse!


  4. yup

    Nobody likes Diddy but gotta admitt his verse was everything!


  5. Bigboii

    Luda an diddy killd it!!!! At tha same damm time ayyy


  6. Young Pereezy YMCMB

    Diddy and Ludacris Killed and went hard on the beat at the same damn time.
    The remix is much much better than original version.


  7. Champ

    Diddly killed it….. Future should’ve rewrote his shit… i hope Diddys ghostwriter got paid good for that……


  8. Jay

    whats the name of the sunglasses that diddy wears?


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